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DataGrip 2016.2 is Out!

Hello, everybody! We are excited to release DataGrip 2016.2 and this version brings many interesting features. As usual, we thank all our early adopters who helped us make the IDE better during this release cycle. What is in DataGrip 2016.2? tl;dr: UI for … Continue reading

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DataGrip 2016.2 New EAP build: Language injections, ligatures, recompile in Oracle

Hello! We’ve prepared a new build for our early adopters. Here’s a list of the most interesting things you can find inside. Language Injections Quite possibly the most important feature of this build, it lets you treat string literals as … Continue reading

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DataGrip 2016.1 EAP is Open

Hi there! In case you missed it, the other day we’ve announced our new product versioning model, in which the version numbers are formatted according to this pattern: YYYY.R. One of the reasons why we did this is to help users … Continue reading

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DataGrip 1.0.3 Update

Here’s a a quick bugfix DataGrip update, bringing you some nice stuff to try right away. Parameterized query plan can now be explained in Oracle without providing parameter values: CSV extractor now quotes values properly, making it simpler to import CSV … Continue reading

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