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JetBrains heading to TechEd 2006 in Barcelona

Just wanted to drop a little reminder to everybody that JetBrains will be participating in the Microsoft TechEd conference in Barcelona, November 7th – 10th, 2006. If you are not familiar with this conference, you might want to go read more about it (, as it is promising to be a pretty exciting event. If you have already planned to go, please feel free to drop by our booth (A3) and say hello. Senior ReSharper and dotTrace developers Oleg Stepanov and Dmitry Lomov, along with myself (the marketing guy / booth babe), will be hanging back in the booth ready to chat it up and answer any questions you might have about our products. We will also demo ReSharper 2.0 and dotTrace 2.0 on occasion (or on demand), so if you want see how the developers of ReSharper and dotTrace use ReSharper and dotTrace, you might just want to stop by.
Also, we will be having a daily drawing and giving away about 10 licenses per day, so if you haven’t purchased ReSharper or dotTrace yet, you might be able to win a free license if luck shall have it.
David Stennett

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2 Responses to JetBrains heading to TechEd 2006 in Barcelona

  1. Nic Wise says:

    October 19, 2006

    Just a thought – allow people to buy ReSharper there (and dotTrace….), and if they win it, they get their money back (or another license, their decision). Then, hopefully, you get lots of sales, AND people can win it back…. or just take the risk of just winning it….

    Hrmmm, 2.0.2 RC2 just finished downloading. Install time 🙂


  2. dstennett says:

    October 23, 2006


    Don’t you think that’s a little mean? Vegas Baby Vegas, that’s how we’ll play it with a the licenses we give away … I mean, some people win the lotto, but the real lucky ones get free JetBrains software. 🙂


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