31 Days of ReSharper: the Blog

Blogger Joe White is attempting what no other human has attempted before — to blog 31 days straight about ReSharper in the month of February (by Joe’s own admission he states, “Yes, I know there are only 28 days in February. But ReSharper is just that cool.”). Joe’s first blog post covers the basics, including installation, version information (VS 2003 & VS 2005), and a few other helpful things a newb might need to know. Second day includes tid-bits about what you’ll see out of the box, etc. The 3rd and 4th days start to pick things up. Therefore, I encourage you to check out his full-entries on his 31 days of ReSharper blog post:

Joe, if you read this, please be gentle :-) On second thought … no mercy Joe, no mercy. If something bothers you, if you’d like to see something that isn’t there, or if something isn’t intuitive enough, say it — we’re paying attention. After all, to use one of the most mis-used and ill-quoted pieces of all time (vide Nietzsche):

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger. “
(original: Mich nicht umbringt, macht mich starker)

That is, of course, what everybody says.

David Stennett
Team JetBrains

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