Days of ReSharper: 14/31

Mikhail Kropotov

Joe White provides free ReSharper training to all those interested (and keeps us, the ReSharper team, on our toes) with his 31 Days of ReSharper.
Each post is a How-To of a particular segment of features, full of tips and tricks and other useful info. Posts occasionaly include comparison analysis and mini-case-studies from Joe’s personal and corporate development experience.
It is now Day 13, with 14 total posts, since a programmer’s counter starts from 0 😉
The following 7 posts have been added:
Day 7: Code formatting – how to format as you type, formatting entire file, and so on;
Day 8: Find Usages – finding usages, filtering for “get” and “set” usages… interesting discussion about the Find Results tree;
Day 9: Parameter Info – the ins and outs of using ReSharper’s parameter info;
Day 10: Go To Type – one of the most time-saving features (also see our own Go To Type how-to);
Day 11: Code navigation – Navigate From Here context menu, Go to Declaration, and gutter icons. Some useful info there; for the rest of navigation features, see these Navigation & Search feature descriptions (although Joe probably has more coming in this section);
Day 12: Type Hierarchy view – the dirty lowdown on using the nifty Type Hierarchy view.
Day 13: File Structure view – useful for sorting methods, handling regions, and more.
We don’t know if you are on schedule so far, Joe, but each post is a great read, so keep it up 🙂

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3 Responses to Days of ReSharper: 14/31

  1. Joey Beninghove says:

    February 16, 2007

    These are great. Glad see R# is continuing to get the attention it deserves. It truly is the #1 must have tool for those of us stuck with the VS IDE.

    Oh, and a while back, I posted some of my collection of Live Templates I’ve created. They are such great time-savers.

    Keep up the good work!


    PS – When are you guys going to create us .NET’ers a killer .NET IDE with all that R# goodness baked in? 🙂

  2. Jeff C. says:

    February 27, 2007

    >> When are you guys going to create us .NET’ers a killer .NET IDE with all that R# goodness baked in?

    I know I read about this here:

    But I googled and searched the JetBrains site and could not find any more updates on their plans to do a .NET IDE

    Can someone from JetBrains comment on this.

  3. dstennett says:

    February 27, 2007

    Hello Jeff:

    In short, the IDE is on the back-burner. I will blog about this in the coming week or two in order to give a full-update of why it’s on the back-burner. More on this when time permits.



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