.NETDJ Reader’s Choice Awards

Well, it is that time of the year again over at the .NET Developer’s Journal when developers contemplate the cool tools and technologies that made their developing activities less of a living nightmare. In return, developers return kudos to those tools and technologies that brought a little bit of sunshine into their development life (unless those developers are from Hawaii, in that case, the tools that allowed them to spend more time surfing) by voting for them to win a .NETDJ Reader’s Choice Award. It has always been the goal of JetBrains to create tools that first and foremost make people more productive and happy when they are developing. Keeping these warm and altruistic thoughts in mind … we are bringing to your attention that three of our tools are being nominated this year for awards in the .NET developer world — these are:

Category: Best .NET Profilers, Optimizers, Decompilers

Category: Best .NET Editors and IDEs
Category: Best .NET Testing, Q/A, and Debugging Tool

Category: Best .NET Source Control and Team Facilitator
Category: Best .NET Build Tools / Installers

I personally consider it unethical to vote for our own products, and therefore I refuse to vote (in these categories). However, I do *not* consider it unethical to make supporters aware of this awards contest and I hope that JetBrains’ supporters will take a few minutes of their time to give us a vote (should you feel we deserve it, of course).

You can check out the voting requirements and process at:

.NET Developer’s Journal Reader’s Choice Awards

After voting, please do send a picture of your finger with your voting ink on it :P

David Stennett
Team JetBrains

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