Swiss Army Knife, Mind-Reading and More ReSharper Goodness

If you happened to miss the latest installments in Joe White‘s 31 Days of ReSharper series, here’s a recap of the last week’s posts.
Joe mostly blogged about two things: first, completing code with the Ctrl+Space family of shortcuts, and second, doing a whole bunch of useful things with Alt+Enter. Here are a couple of things I enjoyed reading (besides the lucid explanation of technical details behind ReSharper’s features):
“I’ll talk about one of the keystrokes you’ll use most often with ReSharper: Alt+Enter. I referred to it earlier as ReSharper’s “Swiss Army knife”, because it’s so versatile: it can fix certain compiler errors, complete code, remove code that’s never used, and just in general automate some of the repetitive tasks that come with writing code.” (read more…)
“When you select Change All, you’ll get a suggestion list. Often there’s only one suggestion, and it’s exactly the one I want. It’s so good it’s spooky…In a lot of cases, you’ll end up with just one parameter, or just one property, that satisfies the way you’re using that symbol. Which makes it look like ReSharper is reading your mind. (It pretty much is!)”(read more…)
The individual blogposts included:
Day 14: Suggested variable names
Day 15: The Ctrl+Space family
Day 16: Importing namespaces with Alt+Enter
Day 17: Change All with Alt+Enter (and, Introducing the red light bulb)
Day 18: Adding things with Alt+Enter
Day 19: Implement Members with Alt+Enter
Day 20: Fix errors and warnings with Alt+Enter

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