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ReSharper 3.0 EAP in Action: VB.NET Support

While C# tends to get all the attention in the .NET world, Visual Basic .NET remains a popular language for many developers.

People familiar with Visual Basic.NET know that it is a *very* wordy language. There ends up being a lot more typing involved when writing your code than in most other languages, such as in C#.

The upcoming 3.0 version of ReSharper includes a number features for Visual Basic.NET developers that will allow them to speed up their development by automatically generating code for many of their most common tasks.

Check out this screencast (my first, please be gentle!) to see ReSharper’s VB.NET code generation features in action! If you want to test these features out yourself, why not download the ReSharper 3.0 EAP for FREE?

VB.NET in ReSharper 3.0

Click thumbnail to start screencast (Aprox. 5 mins.)

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