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The ReSharper Jedi

There is a growing talk in the blogosphere of what it means to be a’Resharper Jedi’. Beside the obvious fact that to be a ReSharper Jedi one must be a ReSharper user, the community consensus of the word is beginning to mean: One who can code hella fast with ReSharper and blow productivity levels off the chart. By this definition alone, the community has already recognized super coding mavens Jean-Paul Boodhoo and Oren Eini (code named: Ayende) as members of the ad hoc created ReSharper Jedi Coucil. I am sure there are many more ReSharper Jedis lurking in the shadows who generally go unnoticed because they’re not as openly active in the community. In fact, one such ReSharper Jedi, who is in fact a ReSharper Master Jedi (Oohhhhhhhhhhh) is the Product Manager and Lead Developer for ReSharper … none other than JetBrains’ own Ilya Ryzhenkov.

Now, I’m sure from a speed perspective, there may not big a big difference among Jedis, but we all know that each Jedi are unique and have certain powers that other Jedis may not have. Ilya’s Jedi power is that he likes to use ReSharper to code in reverse. If you want to witness this insanity for yourself, check out his Coding Session with ReSharper found at his blog. (don’t be shy to crank up the jams … )

Other Jedis may wish to subscribe to his blog, because he will be increasing the frequency of his ReSharper for Experts posts after the latest release of ReSharper hits internet store shelves mid-June 2007. So, stay tuned!

Oh, and if you’re going to be a ReSharper Jedi, there are a few codes by which you should live by:

ReSharper Jedi are the guardians of quality and productivity in the .NET world.
ReSharper Jedi use their powers to improve and advance source code, never to degrade.
ReSharper Jedi respect all developers, in any language, with any tools.
ReSharper Jedi serve others rather than ruling over them, for the good of the .NET world.
ReSharper Jedi seek to improve themselves through knowledge and training.

Don’t forget them. :-)

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