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Enhance Your ReSharper Evaluation Experience with v3.0 Beta2

ReSharper 3.0 is available as Beta2. Beta2 is a lot more stable than Beta and includes the following improvements:

  • Options dialog is ready. The dialog reflects the different options ReSharper provides you, with many descriptions.
  • VS keyboard scheme. You can choose from the Visual-Studio-friendly keyboard shortcuts or those IntelliJ-IDEA-inspired ones we used to have in previous versions of ReSharper. You are prompted to select your preferred shortcut layout during the first start of the product. You can also switch layouts later via the Options dialog.
  • Unit testing debugging fixed.
  • ASP problems fixed (highlighting, in particular).
  • Performance and memory usage improved.
  • Numerous other bugs fixed.

Enhance your ReSharper evaluation experience – download Beta2 at

Develop with pleasure!
– Team JetBrains

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