ReSharper 3.0 EAP in Action: Cross-Language Support

ReSharper 3.0’s extensive support of Visual Basic.NET extends all through the program. Its new cross-language functionality allows developers to use smart-navigation, search, refactoring, and other goodies across both the C# and VB.NET languages.

Check out this screencast to see ReSharper’s cross-language functionality in action!


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7 Responses to ReSharper 3.0 EAP in Action: Cross-Language Support

  1. a says:

    Testing since every time I submit I have an invlaid code and it wipes any comments. if I click new Id it wipes my comment and name etc also.

  2. a says:

    yay! that worked…

    What tools are you using for the screencast?

  3. jpennal says:

    Hi a,

    The screencast was put together using Camtasia Studio Screen Recorder

  4. Whats the tool you’re using to show the shortcut keys that keeps popping up?

  5. jpennal says:

    Hi Keith, the popup is nothing more than a custom callout. I place them in the screencast when I am editing it together.

  6. wouldn\’t it be cool if resharper had a feature you could turn on that shows that? Super useful for demoing / introducing people to resharper

    Note the s, every time I get the code wrong it adds one

  7. jpennal says:

    Hi Keith, I thought the same thing. However, as one of the ReSharper developers pointed out, something like that would show key bindings for ALL of Visual Studio.

    He did point me to this, Key Jedi, which pretty much does what you want, just not as nicely as the callouts in my screencast :)

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