ReSharper Bugfix Update Is Out

The first bugfix update for ReSharper 3.0 is out. Some critical issues have been eliminated so you can enjoy the great new features of ReSharper.
Download ReSharper 3.0.1 from the official download page.

The problems fixed include ASP.NET user controls, To-do Explorer, Unit Testing and some others. For details see this list of bugfixes.

Develop with (more) pleasure!
– Team JetBrains

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10 Responses to ReSharper Bugfix Update Is Out

  1. SimoneB says:

    Do I have to uninstall Resharper 3.0 before installing 3.01?

  2. Obfuscator says:

    Hi Simone,
    Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.
    V. 3.0.1 should install over 3.0 with no problems.
    Please let us know if something doesn’t go as planned!

  3. Rob Cecil says:

    What happened to the menus? Even “About JetBrains Reshaper” is ghosted out. I can’t get into R# options, etc. Seems the build has scrambled all the menus…

  4. Rob Cecil says:

    Also, the right-click context menus are messed up – what happened to the standard “Goto Definition”?

  5. Obfuscator says:

    Hi Rob,
    Please write to :)

  6. Oleg Temnov says:

    ReSharper 3.0.1 does not works properly in web projects with code from App_Code.

  7. Uh, thanks… but it looks like I should wait before upgrading…

  8. I have problem, ReSharper 3.0.1 does not works properly in web projects with code from App_Code

  9. Jan Keesma says:

    ReSharper 3.0.1 flags classes from app_code as erroneous. Furthermore no intellisense is available for these classes.

  10. Justin says:

    I am having the same problem. Resharper does not recognize any classes from app_code. Is there somewhere I can download the previous 2.* version until this is fixed?

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