Søren Lund Reviews ReSharper 3.0

Søren Spelling Lund, a lead developer at Vertica A/S of Denmark, has posted a ReSharper 3.0 review at his blog.
Søren first points out the usability improvements such as our new keyboard scheme choices and a versatile set of options. He then goes on to mention the latest productivity tools added in ReSharper 3.0, including VB.NET support, To-do lists and Unit testing. He also praises a number of other features which we’ve had for a while but managed to improve in 3.0: background code analysis, code refactorings, code completion and others.
To sum it up, Søren declares: “Visual Studio brings a lot of productivity to the table… ReSharper takes many of these familiar tools to new levels and adds new functionality to the best development environment out there… ReSharper truly delivers on JetBrains’ promise of “develop with pleasure.”
We’re flattered :)

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  1. John says:

    I think Søren and Vertica are danish, not norwegian 😉

  2. Obfuscator says:


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