Double Bug-fix Release for ReSharper

We are pleased to announce a double bug fix release which includes ReSharper versions 2.0.4 and 3.0.2.
ReSharper 3.0.2 includes Unit Test Explorer usability improvements and bugfixes, as well as enhanced support for ASP.NET. A number of other bugs are fixed as well.
In addition, ReSharper 3.0.2 C# Edition enables support for ReSharper 2.0 licenses purchased since April 15, 2007. If you bought ReSharper 2.0 recently, you’re welcome to download and use ReSharper 3.0.2 C# without having to pay the upgrade price. See Release notes & Download v3.0.2
ReSharper 2.0.4 includes several bugfixes and also introduces cross-version license support: those who are using Full and C# editions of ReSharper 3.0 can now use ReSharper with Visual Studio 2003 for free. See Release notes & Download v2.0.4
Develop with pleasure in your Visual Studio version of choice!
— Team JetBrains

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5 Responses to Double Bug-fix Release for ReSharper

  1. Davo says:

    Any plans to improve performance when editing ASPX pages? Currently my P4 3GHz w/ 1GB RAM chokes when editin ASPX and ASCX pages. Any suggestions on how I can speed this up by turning off some features?

  2. Obfuscator says:

    We’re working on improving this aspect of performance.
    Right now you may be able to speed up editing by turning off code analysis for a particular file (press Ctrl + 8).

  3. Robert Stewart says:

    On a fresh install of Win XP, VS 2005, and Resharper 3.0.2 there is no intellisense with resharper. How can this be fixed

  4. Ray Akkanson says:

    Is there any bug list related to Intellisene.

    Ray Akkanson

  5. Dan says:

    Hi, I’ve tried the trial, and I would like to report a few bugs I’ve found with the 3.0.2 release with regards to the treatment and usage of the “unsafe” keyword:
    One bug in the “templates” for fields where the unsafe keyword is not added to a field created by the quick-fix feature
    The seocnd bug is that resharper thinks that an interface with an unsage method signature is invalid… It even goes as far as sugget to “remove the prohibited keyword”…
    The csc / Visual studio compiler still compiles the code cleanly…..

    Hope this helps…
    Feel free to contact me for more details…
    Please also e-mail so I know someone from jetbrains is actually reading this…

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