Announcing ‘Tales From the Development Crypt’

Our .NET products, ReSharper and dotTrace, are being developed as we speak. Yet we do not speak about that enough.

It recently came to our attention that our .NET developers are dying to tell you about the goodies they’ve been able to come up with, design and code. They want to share their heartwarming stories of additional application performance analysis tools, new intelligent context actions and ever smarter null reference handling with, well, anyone who’ll listen.

So, we’ve decided we’ll be bringing you tittillating news bits about dotTrace and ReSharper as they keep coming in.

Stay Tuned!*
*Tales From the Development Crypt coming soon to a .NET blog near you.

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4 Responses to Announcing ‘Tales From the Development Crypt’

  1. JeroenH says:

    Please, please, please tell us what’s going on to improve the performance and memory issues on large solutions

  2. Joe White says:

    Sweet! It’s hard to imagine a better way to learn new features than to hear from the developers as they’re building those features.

  3. DotnetShadow says:

    That’s great stuff keep it up, I was wondering when Resharper 4.5 M1 is being released in the schedule it was supposed to be oct 13th?

  4. DotnetShadow says:

    Great stuff guys keep it going, does anyone know when Resharper 4.5 M1 is going to be released I thought it was scheduled for October 13th?

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