JetBrains hits the Road!

In the next few weeks, JetBrains .NET gurus are taking up a tour, providing a great opportunity for you to chat with leading ReSharper and dotTrace developers, watch demos of JetBrains .NET products, receive cute R# T-shirts, and with a little luck, win free product licenses!
We’re exhibiting at the following events:

October 27-31, 2008,
Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, California
Booth #801, JetBrains
Microsoft Tech•Ed
November 10-14, 2008,
CCIB, Barcelona, Spain
Stand #E3, JetBrains

See you really soon!

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5 Responses to JetBrains hits the Road!

  1. Nice! I will visit you at the PDC, please keep me a R# t-shirt!

  2. Jura Gorohovsky says:


  3. DotnetShadow says:

    Good stuff guys, I noticed Resharper 4.5 M1 was supposed to be released on October 13th but no mention of it, hopefully the performance problems are getting fixed I usually have to turn off resharper when debugging and put it back when I’m coding

    Regards DotnetShadow

  4. Ben Duguid says:

    Cool, can I reserve one for TechEd please 😉


  5. harry Taylor says:

    Hi guys very cool, do you know when resharper 4.5 M1 will be released?

    Regards Harry

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