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Preview of ReSharper for Visual Studio 2010 Coming Soon

Scientists hypothesize on the existence of ReSharper for Visual Studio 2010. They argue pros and cons endlessly, bringing history to the table, and even gamble around the odds of ReSharper running in the new shining Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1.

You can know for sure, it does run! Want to know when it will be running for you? Read on!

See how the new Extension Manager happily shows ReSharper as an installed extension, making it a first class citizen in the new Visual Studio shell.

Here, our well-known ReSharper tool windows are shown participating in the improved Visual Studio docking system.

Can you see those unit tests running? Of course not, it’s a screenshot. But rest assured that development pleasure-inducing bits are being cooked up in large integration ovens here at JetBrains.

Next to integration ovens, there is a high-tech lab where die-hard developers in white coats are implanting smartness into ReSharper’s understanding of C# 4. Variance and dynamic, optional parameters and named arguments – all the features of the new C# version are being mercilessly stuffed inside the most intelligent add-in for Visual Studio. Developers perform their cruel experiments with Visual Studio 2008, writing C# 4 code where only the previous version of the language is meant to be used.

Now, you might want to know when all the intelligence of ReSharper will be available for Visual Studio 2010. No need to wait for ReSharper 5.0 to come out! We plan to release preview bits compatible with Visual Studio 2010 for you to play and test in June, and June is just around the corner!

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