Preview of ReSharper for Visual Studio 2010 Coming Soon

Scientists hypothesize on the existence of ReSharper for Visual Studio 2010. They argue pros and cons endlessly, bringing history to the table, and even gamble around the odds of ReSharper running in the new shining Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1.

You can know for sure, it does run! Want to know when it will be running for you? Read on!

See how the new Extension Manager happily shows ReSharper as an installed extension, making it a first class citizen in the new Visual Studio shell.

Here, our well-known ReSharper tool windows are shown participating in the improved Visual Studio docking system.

Can you see those unit tests running? Of course not, it’s a screenshot. But rest assured that development pleasure-inducing bits are being cooked up in large integration ovens here at JetBrains.

Next to integration ovens, there is a high-tech lab where die-hard developers in white coats are implanting smartness into ReSharper’s understanding of C# 4. Variance and dynamic, optional parameters and named arguments – all the features of the new C# version are being mercilessly stuffed inside the most intelligent add-in for Visual Studio. Developers perform their cruel experiments with Visual Studio 2008, writing C# 4 code where only the previous version of the language is meant to be used.

Now, you might want to know when all the intelligence of ReSharper will be available for Visual Studio 2010. No need to wait for ReSharper 5.0 to come out! We plan to release preview bits compatible with Visual Studio 2010 for you to play and test in June, and June is just around the corner!

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73 Responses to Preview of ReSharper for Visual Studio 2010 Coming Soon

  1. Stefan Olson says:

    Please do make it available as soon as possible, I can’t imagine doing any work in Visual Studio without ReSharper! Visual Studio 2008 crashes on me several times a day, so I can’t imagine 2010 being any worse than that! :-)

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  4. OJ says:

    Hi there,

    I’m looking for information on how to build extensions for VS 2010, but it’s pretty hard to find anything. Would it be possible for you to give me a clue as to where I can some help?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  6. Jack says:

    Very interesting… enough about languages though… what about UI and graphics?! :)

    What are you guys doing with the amazing power of WPF?

    Perhaps building something like Clippy can popup instead of the current ReSharper tips 😉

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  8. Tim says:

    That is excellent news–I’m guessing ReSharper lost a lot of market share to DevExpress when VS2008 came out, and ReSharper wasn’t working properly for months with .NET 3.5 etc. Maybe this will be the chance to take it back.

  9. Hi there,

    Any early-early access program for Microsoft MVPs?


  10. Jason says:

    Absent from this post: VB 10 support. Not surprising since VB 9 support in ReSharper was about one year after VB 9’s general release. Since no mention of VB 10 support has been made yet I would have to assume ReSharper will continue to treat VB like a second class citizen (which it probably is, so I understand).

    I’m just venting because I think ReSharper probably is the best refactoring tool for Visual Studio for C#, but we have VB clients and I can’t wait around for ReSharper to get around to VB support. We’ve had to settle for competing products.

  11. Jeff Brown says:

    Looks good!

    I’m working to get Gallio running on the Beta 1 bits now. Should be easier than with the old PDC bits. That extension manager looks yummy. I wonder how it will handle tools with extensive platform dependencies (of which VS integration is only one part).

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  13. orangy says:

    By the time of release of ReSharper 5, Visual Basic 10 will be fully supported. Not for preview time, sorry.

  14. Pleaaze says:

    ilya! C++ support…Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaze

    You guys are our only hope…VAX is no match for Resharper…not by a long shot..

    and imagine all that power on C++…I am crying…

  15. Duncan says:

    Looking forward to it… VS seems really useless without ReSharper now… how did we live before the days of ReSharper?

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  21. sukru says:

    When VS 2008 starts crashing frequently, I usually delete the _resharper*, and similar cache folders. It usually fixes the problem. I think using tons of plugins together make the database of resharper go out of sync.

    [Please do make it available as soon as possible, I can’t imagine doing any work in Visual Studio without ReSharper! Visual Studio 2008 crashes on me several times a day, so I can’t imagine 2010 being any worse than that! :-)]

  22. Tom says:

    Please do hurry! I’ve switched to VS2010 and I feel a bit slow not being able to use Resharper.

    I hope there is a lot of emphasis given to making Resharper “fit in” with the look and feel of VS2010. I didn’t really like how Resharper “looked and felt” in VS2008, but of course I did like a lot of the functionality.

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  25. +1 For this! Between R# and TD.NET, I simply can’t do any real development without the plugins. I can’t wait to see what you’ve done with the 2010 UI :)

  26. Hm says:

    Hello, any news on the first VS2010 EAP? I mean now that it is June… :)

  27. Karl says:

    It’s June :) How are things coming? Certainly feeling the pain of developing in VS2010 without resharper…

  28. Libor says:

    hi, any news on this topic? don’t keep us in the dark :)

  29. SonoranCellist says:

    Rest assured, we are all chomping at the bit to try the latest and greatest Resharper release! Can’t wait! *Checks calendar* ‘hmm, June’…

  30. Rambo3swe says:

    Yeah still waiting to try it out! Its middle of june!

  31. Tom says:

    June is 2/3 over…how’s it going with the updated Resharper for VS2010? I’ve been using VS2010 for a month now with no Resharper.

  32. Diago says:

    I am with Tom on this on. Are we looking at July? Did you mean late June? Please don’t leave us hanging here. VS2010 is nice but Resharper has become addictive and saved many many keystrokes. Worn out one keyboard already waiting???

  33. Bernd says:

    Yeah somehow now Juli is just around the corner..

    I really want to start with .NET 4 but without ReSharper it’s no fun..

  34. It’s 21st of June and still no news….

  35. Mike Strobel says:

    Eagerly awaiting an update–any update–on R#/VS2010 support. Come on, guys, even a quick blurb will do :).


  36. Alex says:

    We are holding off deployment of VS2010 all over the place until resharper for it comes out. Any updates for us? Cheers!

  37. Michael says:

    Any chance that Resharper for VS2010 will be released soon? June is almost completely over now.

  38. Mr-AliReza says:

    All Dll (ActiveX) Olden, Working To VS 2010?

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  40. Steve Dunn says:

    Could you tell me roughly what time tomorrow it’ll be released? 😉

    Seriously though, I tried VS2010 for about 10 minutes before realising I can no longer use it without R#!!



  41. Will says:

    Hey guys, how’s the Preview coming along? Is it still going to be available in June?

  42. Cameron Peters says:

    So… June is nearly over. I can only hope that the resharper bits of happiness are fully baked and are now ready to be served, piping hot…

  43. Steen says:

    So. Last day of June… eagerly awaiting that preview version of Resharper for VS2010. VS2010 has been labelled as VS2008 + Resharper but there are just some parts of Resharper than I can no longer do without. So hurry up, pretty please! =)

  44. And now June is over.
    I know the answer that is coming too, “It will be released when it’s released” or something like that. Either way, I look forward to trying it out.

  45. Tim says:

    June is now disappearing from view… any updates? I’m feeling so unproductive in Visual Studio 2010 without ReSharper!

  46. Tom says:

    June is gone…it’s July now…how are things going with R# for 2010?

  47. Patric says:

    Hey what’s wrong, any news on resharper for dev 10?

  48. Andrew says:

    Yeah, +1 to Tom’s comment. I’m loving VS 2010, but I’d love it more with some R# goodness. I’ll take Beta, heck I’ll even take Alpha quality 😛

  49. Eric Golpe says:

    +1 Would love to see you guys release something Alpha for us folks to start whacking at.. :)

  50. Bob says:

    Obviously, no speed records are being broken on getting out the VS 2010 version.

  51. auoji says:

    I now, VS 2010 is not stable enough for productiv working, and for this it is today to early for change the Solution- and Project Files to VS2010 .
    I think, this is also the reason, why R# wait for full supported 2010. It is so?
    Best regards!

  52. Aleksei says:

    Hey, what news? I cant user VS2010 w/o R#!

  53. Michael says:

    My last post to the blog pointing out that June is almost over, and we have got no news on the VS2010 preview, has disappeared.

    I am a current customer of 4.5, and I am disappointed that JetBrains set expectations, miss the expectations completely and have 0 communication about it.

    We can understand if you had some problems, but if you do have some, don’t pretend they don’t happen. Communicate to us so we aren’t left in the dark so we know what is going on, so expectations can be reset.

    Having no communication just harms the trust and good will that you have built up with the community.

  54. ncloud says:

    Must… have… ReSharper…

    Seriously, it’s painful to code in 2010 without RS. Make haste friends! Haste!

  55. ???????????? says:

    10x for the review

  56. Sriram says:

    Mid-July now. Any news on VS 2010 & R#?

  57. Sung says:

    June is 2/3 gone…it’s July 19th now…how are things going with R# for 2010?

  58. Tom says:

    Now July is 2/3 over, and still no news/no preview. You guys shouldn’t have got our hopes up and then left us in the dark. That sucks.

  59. Michael T says:

    It is a free upgrade from R# 4.5 to 5 ?
    I’ve recently bought my full version of R# 4.5, and i’ll be upgrading to VS2010 when it is release.

  60. Jura Gorohovsky says:

    The preview has actually been available since July 9th:
    We haven’t made an additional announcement, that’s true, and our fault.

  61. Tuomas says:

    Pre-Release Version Expired… It isn’t possible to use the old VS2008 ReSharper licence while there is no real version yet. :-(

  62. kunal rai says:

    Please relese resharper for VS2010 ASAP . I cann’t imaging doing coding without it.

  63. Jura Gorohovsky says:

    @kunal rai

    Good morning!
    ReSharper 5 EAP builds for VS2010 have been available since late October
    See ReSharper 5 Early Access Program

  64. dave says:

    An addin that causes VS2008 to crash this much is of little use. I’m tired of losing work or saving every 5-minutes just because of resharper not being able to handle large files or projects. I now only use this tool to clean-up code after the fact. sorry, but I’ll be looking for another tool for 2010.

  65. Jura Gorohovsky says:


    That’s your choice, nothing I can do with it
    But have you reported your problems to R# staff? What R# version do you use?

  66. Stian says:

    I have to agree that R# can slow VS down and feeling slow. But if you feel it beeing to slow for the size of your projects and files, maybe it’s time to split your projects and classes?

  67. Joe White says:

    I doubt that would help. It’s the amount of code that matters. If you split it across projects, it’s still just as much code in your solution.

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  69. CK says:

    Plz release a beta-Resharper at least. I am coding in VS2010 with no reSharper and it is just so so painful… I just pressed ctrl+P and it asked me if I wanted to print the class I was working on…*sigh*

  70. Actually ReSharper 5 that supports Visual Studio 2010 was released more than a month ago – check out

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