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Docker Compose, edit & continue for C# 8 and more debugger updates in Rider 2019.3

Great news! If you are using our latest Rider 2019.3 release, you get to enjoy various debugger updates! .NET apps running with Docker Compose can be debugged with Rider, an update to edit & continue adds C# 8 support, and we’ve improved the … Continue reading

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Localization Becomes easier with the Localization Manager in ReSharper 2019.3

In the latest ReSharper 2019.3 Early Access Preview (EAP), we have added a new Localization Manager to assist you in localizing applications. It lets you view and edit localizable resources in a single grid, helping you add/edit/rename localizable strings and spot … Continue reading

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A quick overview of ASP.NET Core with Rider

ASP.NET Core is Microsoft’s latest version of its web development framework. It enables developers to build full stack web apps that are maintainable and scalable. This post covers a few basics about building ASP.NET Core web apps with Rider such … Continue reading

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Async Streams – A Look at New Language Features in C# 8

It’s been a while since our last part in the C# 8 series, but here it is! We will continue our journey through the new language features, and dive into async streams. In this series, we are looking at: Indices, … Continue reading

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Developing Xamarin applications in Rider

With Rider, we can create and work with Xamarin projects to develop applications targeting Android and/or iOS devices. We can write code and make use of code analysis, coding assistance, refactoring and debugging features, built-in tools like Version Control and the NuGet client, and … Continue reading

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Find your perfect C# style using Rider

What does C# code with good style look like? While it depends somewhat on the individual or team, there are a few popular staples of style when it comes to C#, and you’ll read about those here. Regardless of what’s … Continue reading

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Create a robust OO model in .NET with Rider

Creating object-oriented models and systems is at the heart of .NET development. An object model is a language neutral logical mapping between digital objects and real life objects. They often represent objects that are required for a business, such as … Continue reading

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Debugger additions for Rider 2019.2: Pin to Top, Floating Actions, and Redesigned Stack Frames

When  analyzing and fixing bugs, debugging is essential. Rider already ships with a lot of helpful debugging features, like smart-step-into, tooltip evaluation or thread-specific breakpoints. In version 2019.2, we improved performance for stack calculation and stepping a lot. Also, we’ve … Continue reading

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ReSharper Ultimate 2019.2 is released!

Hello everyone! Please welcome the new ReSharper Ultimate 2019.2 release. ReSharper 2019.2 includes:

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Using third-party Windows Forms controls with Rider

We introduced Windows Forms support in Rider 2019.1, and have been working hard on improvements. While Microsoft provides a standard set of controls with Windows Forms, many development teams make use of third-party control libraries, such as those by Telerik, DevExpress, Syncfusion, … Continue reading

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