Welcome to ReSharper 5.0 EAP!

We’re happy to finally provide public access to early bits of the renewed ReSharper!

Starting today, you can download nightly ReSharper builds, and the first one is already there for you.

Note that this is only pre-release software. Nightly builds are assembled automatically every night without proper alpha testing, and we can’t guarantee that they will even run on your machine. However, we hope that by participating in this Early Access Program, you can help us gradually improve product quality up to a level that is proper for final release.

Some additional notes on this EAP:

  • At this time, we’re only publishing ReSharper builds for VS 2008. We’ll start publishing VS 2010-compatible builds as soon as we verify that ReSharper works decently with VS 2010 Beta 2.
  • The UI for many new and improved ReSharper features is not yet finalized. Shortcuts and titles may change as well.

Once you have downloaded, installed, and used a nightly build for a while, please vote for it in the nightly builds page so that other users are able to judge on its quality. If you’re willing to report a bug or feature request, please do so using our bug tracker (here’s how it works).

To further comment on the quality of individual nightly builds please use jetbrains.resharper.eap newsgroup or its web mirror in our development community.

To get an idea of improvements and new features that we’re starting to reveal during this EAP, take a look at the recently published ReSharper 5 Overview.

Happy early accessing!

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12 Responses to Welcome to ReSharper 5.0 EAP!

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  2. Tom says:

    VS2010 beta 2 was released yesterday (Oct 19) – how far off is a VS2010-compatible EAP release – days, weeks, months?

    Using VS2010b2 daily without Resharper is frustrating…

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  5. Jura Gorohovsky says:


    I’d say weeks.

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  8. tim wehr says:

    In the CURRENT version (4.5) of Resharper, we have to turn OFF Resharper’s Intellisense and use VS when working with Spark View Engine documents (or we get NO Intellisense at all). Has this been addressed in the 5.0?

  9. Dennis says:

    3½ weeks already for VS2010 support?

  10. KSG says:

    How’s it going on the VS2010 Beta2 support? Does it appear pretty close now?

  11. Jura Gorohovsky says:

    @Dennis, KSG
    We’ve started publishing early builds for VS2010 some time ago. Please check the nightly builds page.

    @tim wehr
    Have you reported your issue into our bug tracker?

  12. fschwiet says:

    Has anyone tried v5.0 with Spark / SparkViewEngine?

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