Grab Early dotCover Builds!

As announced a week ago, we’re launching Early Access Program for the new JetBrains .NET tool, dotCover! If you missed the news, check out the initial dotCover announcement and Hadi Hariri’s introductory blog post about code coverage for .NET and using dotCover.

Download early dotCover builds from, use them and vote for them. Report bugs and request features using dotCover issue tracker. If you have product-related questions (we bet you do), ask them in dotCover community or on Twitter.


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2 Responses to Grab Early dotCover Builds!

  1. repka says:

    So… sorry for dumb question, but how the hell do I use it?

    I installed dotCoverSetup. and have a dotCover menu in my VS2010 Pro. The only thing I can do there, other than “About…” is “Open coverage snapshot”. None of the UI features described in Hadi’s post are available. I tried NUnit and MS tests. R# sees both types, but there’s nothing about coverage.

    Oh, my R# is 5.1.1700 EAP.

  2. repka says:

    Alright. I had resharper 5.1. Not 5.0. Downgrading solved it.

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