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ReShaper 5.1 Early Access Program is Open

A couple of weeks ago we posted a blog entry on known issues in ReSharper 5.0 and workarounds, and today we’re taking the next logical step by opening a new Early Access Program for ReSharper 5.1 to fix them. If you’ve having issues with ReSharper 5.0, please start downloading ReSharper 5.1 nightly builds: it should feel much better.

Here’s a quick list of fixes that the Early Access Program presumably brings:

  • Typing latency in ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC is considerably reduced.
  • Code-behind files in ASP.NET projects don’t disappear when saving files anymore.
  • Splitting Visual Studio text editor tabs does not result in ReSharper features disappearing from one or both tabs.
  • Silverlight 4 support is fixed: no more error highlighting when referencing Silverlight 4 code from a regular .NET assembly.
  • Encoding issues when working with XAML files are resolved.

If something goes wrong, please report issues to our YouTrack project.

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