ReShaper 5.1 Early Access Program is Open

A couple of weeks ago we posted a blog entry on known issues in ReSharper 5.0 and workarounds, and today we’re taking the next logical step by opening a new Early Access Program for ReSharper 5.1 to fix them. If you’ve having issues with ReSharper 5.0, please start downloading ReSharper 5.1 nightly builds: it should feel much better.

Here’s a quick list of fixes that the Early Access Program presumably brings:

  • Typing latency in ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC is considerably reduced.
  • Code-behind files in ASP.NET projects don’t disappear when saving files anymore.
  • Splitting Visual Studio text editor tabs does not result in ReSharper features disappearing from one or both tabs.
  • Silverlight 4 support is fixed: no more error highlighting when referencing Silverlight 4 code from a regular .NET assembly.
  • Encoding issues when working with XAML files are resolved.

If something goes wrong, please report issues to our YouTrack project.

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10 Responses to ReShaper 5.1 Early Access Program is Open

  1. Aaorn says:

    How about a rss feed of the builds ?

  2. @Aaorn
    Not sure about that really.
    If you’re registered in our Confluence installation, you can subscribe to watch updates to the Nightly Builds page.

  3. Kevin Yang says:

    Is there any performance improvement? the 5.0 is totally a disaster.

  4. @Kevin,

    The easiest way to know is to just try and see.
    What’s your scenario in which you experience low performance?

  5. Urs says:

    R# 5.0’s performance is really good, compared with earlier versions. Especially when using lots of lambda expressions. I have to defend jetbrains here, they’ve done a wonderful job.

  6. Joe White says:

    I’ll add my vote for a real RSS feed for nightly builds. RSS updates are easy and convenient, they don’t require registration (and yet one more password to remember), they’re grouped together with all the other sorts of things I watch via RSS, and (since I assume watching in Confluence means getting the updates via e-mail instead of in a feed reader) RSS updates never have to worry about getting lost by e-mail spam filters.

  7. @Aaorn, @Kevin
    Added a request about an RSS feed:
    Vote for it if you like.

  8. Kenneth Siewers Møller says:

    When will there be new builds? All I can see is from May 20. and that build didn’t work for me (I couldn’t make it see the references to the System.Linq namespace, which made it pretty much unusable for me).

  9. @Kenneth
    A new build is expected to be available today (really soon according to our QA engineer). Subsequent builds will come out more frequently than this time.

  10. derek says:

    Hi, I get an exception in resharper 4.5 when I create a test fixture across partial classes (a cheap way to create a shared fixture). The exception browser isn’t submitting the bug, vhich is why I’m posting here, but that fault is more than likely at my end.

    Here is an example, hope the code posts ok.

    using System.Data;
    using MbUnit.Framework;

    namespace PartialClassesCheapSharedFixture
    public partial class DataLayerTests
    public DataTable TestData = new DataTable(“name”);

    using MbUnit.Framework;

    namespace PartialClassesCheapSharedFixture
    public partial class DataLayerTests
    [Category(“Employee DAL Tests”)]
    public void EmployeeSavesOk()

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