JetBrains YouTrack 2.0 Is Here

Since ReSharper, dotTrace, and dotCover all use YouTrack for issue tracking, we thought you’d be interested to know that a new major version of YouTrack has just been released.

What’s different about YouTrack 2.0? Most importantly, with this new version, you can easily migrate issues from your current bug tracker using REST API, create unlimited custom attributes, and use per-issue permissions for fine-grained security. However, this is just a fraction of what the new version brings: to learn more about new features and improvements, visit What’s New.

YouTrack 2.0 is released

At the same time, YouTrack remains an intelligent, keyboard-centric, and easy-to-use issue tracker, packing the majority of its functionality in just two controls: a search box and command window.

All in all, if you’re using other bug and issue trackers, it’s probably just the right time to reconsider and take a look at YouTrack more closely, specifically considering that YouTrack 2.0 adds a new Starter Edition, the best fit for small teams priced at only $111! Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition are currently worth $225 and $900, respectively.

You can download YouTrack 2.0, instantly deploy it, and enjoy a free 60-day evaluation. If you’re already using YouTrack, you’re entitled to a free upgrade to YouTrack 2.0: just use your existing license key.

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3 Responses to JetBrains YouTrack 2.0 Is Here

  1. repka says:

    I hope I’m not breaking news here telling that perceived performance of your above-mentioned youtrack tracker you use for ReSharper is not *just* slow. It scares the living shit out of anyone trying to use it.

    I’ll understand it if you say it’s running on some virtual machine with 128MB of RAM under someone’s desk. Please upgrade it to something more decent then. I doubt it though…

    Opening “Filters” on the left side can literally take minutes. For some reason search always returns all issues, not just opened ones. Specifying “Open” in search line doesn’t find issue I just reported. Please don’t explain why – I understand that there are multiple open states, but why do I need to care?..

    I hate to say it, but bring back JIRA. I don’t report most ReSharper issues since the move.

    If it was my product, I’d be ashamed making it public for now. I’m not even talking about giving it version 2.0 and asking people to pay for it.

  2. repka says:

    To follow up on my previous rant…

    Now that I spent another half hour looking at youtrack features, I know that I should have searched for “state: Unresolved”. Yet “Unresolved” group doesn’t show up in auto-complete after I type “state:”. As the most searched state it should take the first spot.

    Do you expect all users to spend time learning your search syntax? Perhaps it’s acceptable, but only for internal issue tracking system, not for a public one, like you have. Keyboard is nice, but make that filter box more usable.

    My previous comment’s rage on performance still stands: grrr! Drop everything you do and look at ways to speed things up. Change database schema or engine itself, add a cache layer somewhere, … do something! It’s all about perceived performance.

  3. Vadim Gurov says:


    From your comments I got two items:
    – slow filters opening. Yes, we know about it and we’re working to make it faster.
    Is it the only performance problem disturbs you?
    – No “unresolved” state in suggestion after “state:”. Also known problem, will be fixed shortly:

    P.S. hint: to find issues reported by you, type “by: me”

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