Sample SSR Pattern Catalog Available for Download

A while ago we introduced Structural Search and Replace, a new powerful feature in ReSharper 5 that lets you search for custom code patterns and replace them with other patterns, facilitating batch removal (or improvement) of stinky code.

We were hoping to include a set of ready-to-use search and replace patterns into ReSharper 5.0 release but it just didn’t happen. Instead, we’re publishing a sample Pattern Catalog on the web site for you to download.

The sample Pattern Catalog currently contains 17 patterns to search for and replace unreachable code, redundant compound assignments, clumsy method chains, and other pieces of code that you’d better get rid of.

As soon as you’ve downloaded and unzipped the Pattern Catalog, do the following to import it:

  1. In Visual Studio, choose ReSharper | Tools | Pattern Catalog.
  2. Click Import and select the XML file that contains the sample Pattern Catalog.
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