dotTrace 4 Performance Beta 3

We’ve just released the third Beta of dotTrace 4.0 Performance. Here’s the download link, and here’s the complete release notes.

Since we’ve passed the feature freeze, this Beta release doesn’t bring new functionality — instead, it is focused on stabilizing the product ahead of the final release that is currently scheduled for late Summer.

Please download the new dotTrace Beta, and if you discover new issues with this Beta release and/or subsequent nightly builds, please report them to our bug tracker.

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3 Responses to dotTrace 4 Performance Beta 3

  1. David Carroll says:

    Does the new Beta 4.0 version support profiling of 64bit executables? dotTrace 3.1 has separate downloads for 32-bit and 64-bit profiling.

  2. ww898 says:

    Hi David,

    dotTrace Performance 4.0 supports x64 platforms and x64 .NET applications.
    dotTrace 3.1 also supports x64, but is has different installations for x64+x86 and x86 platforms.

    Mikhail Pilin
    Senior Software Developer
    JetBrains s.r.o.
    “Develop with pleasure!”

  3. Vagif Abilov says:

    I just asked a question on StackOverflow and I wonder if what I asked is (or will be) supported by dotTrace. Here is a link to StackOverflow discussion:

    In brief, there is a growing number of languages with REPL support in IDE, i.e. when developers can select a code block and send it straight to an interpreter. Visual Studio 2010 comes with F# that has an interpreter F# Interactive. It will boost productivity of profiling if developers could profile pieces of code without wrapping them in an applicaiton or attaching profiler to a running process. Does dotTrace team have any plans to implement such feature?

    Thanks in advance.

    Vagif Abilov

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