dotTrace 4 Pricing

Good news today: we have finalized pricing options for both new dotTrace 4.0 licenses and upgrades.

Before you familiarize yourself with the pricing scheme, here’s a quick reminder of the new dotTrace product and editioning scheme:

  • dotTrace stops being an all-in-one profiler and splits into two products: dotTrace Performance and dotTrace Memory.
  • dotTrace 4.0 Performance is scheduled for release in August 2010, in two editions: Standard and Professional. Here’s how the two editions compare. In short, compared to the Standard edition, dotTrace 4.0 Professional adds remote profiling, support for Silverlight 4 and .NET Compact Framework 3.5.
  • dotTrace 4.0 Memory will not be released simultaneously with the new performance profiler but rather in a few months after it. The current release schedule for dotTrace 4.0 Memory is Fall this year.
  • Because of the asynchronous release dates of the two 4.0 profilers, for the time being, we’ll make available dotTrace 3.5 Memory. As opposed to dotTrace 4.0 Performance which is a totally redesigned product, dotTrace 3.5 Memory is the memory profiling part cut from dotTrace 3.1 and reinforced with support for applications based on .NET Framework 1.0-3.5.

After due clarification of terms, here’s a couple of summary points regarding upgrades:

  1. We’re ready to announce prices for upgrading from your existing dotTrace licenses to dotTrace 4 Performance and dotTrace 3.5 Memory. Regarding upgrades to dotTrace 4.0 Memory, we’ll update you on that this Fall, as soon as we approach the dotTrace 4.0 Memory release.
  2. You’ll be able to upgrade your existing dotTrace license in any way you want:
    • To dotTrace 4.0 Performance.
    • To dotTrace 4.0 Memory.
    • To the bundle of these products.
  3. If you have purchased your dotTrace license on or after December 17, 2008, you’ll get a free upgrade to the bundle of dotTrace 4.0 Performance Professional + dotTrace 3.5 Memory Standard. This applies to any kind of license: personal, per-developer, or floating.
  4. If you have purchased any dotTrace license before December 17, 2008, you’ll get dotTrace 3.5 Memory Standard for free (this free upgrade opportunity, once again, is valid for all kinds of licenses), and an option to upgrade to dotTrace 4.0 Performance at a price according to the following upgrade table. All upgrade rates are roughly 60% of corresponding new license rates.

Table 1. dotTrace pricing: upgrade licenses

Upgrade to: dotTrace 3.5 Memory dotTrace 4.0 Performance dotTrace bundle
Standard Standard Professional 4.0 Performance Pro
+ 3.5 Memory Standard
Any license purchased on or after December 17, 2008 N/A N/A N/A FREE
Personal license FREE $119 $179 $179
Per-developer commercial license FREE $199 $299 $299
Floating commercial license FREE $1199 $1799 $1799

In case you don’t use dotTrace, here are the prices for new dotTrace licenses.

Table 2. dotTrace pricing: new licenses

dotTrace 3.5 Memory dotTrace 4.0 Performance dotTrace bundle
Standard Standard Professional 4.0 Performance Pro
+ 3.5 Memory Standard
Personal license $149 $199 $299 $399
Per-developer commercial license $299 $399 $599 $749
Floating commercial license $999 $1999 $2999 $3499
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