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Screencast Contests are Over, Announcing Winners!

DevCon London 2010 Screencast Contest and JAX London 2010 Screencast Contest at JetBrains TV are over.

Big thanks to all participants who all get their well-deserved passes, namely:

To get your passes, please drop a line to Jura dot Gorohovsky at jetbrains dot com, and I’ll provide you with registration guidelines.

Once again, thumbs up for taking part in the contest and for helping us fill JetBrains TV with valuable content. We hope you’ll keep it up like this because thousands of JetBrains product users can learn something new from your videos.

Note to everyone: if you haven’t yet submitted a screencast to JetBrains TV, you’re pretty much welcome to do that anytime, and we’ll be happy to help you promote it among our users.

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