ReSharper 6: JavaScript, CSS Support Coming Up

Tonight in London Hadi Hariri and Sergey Coox have unveiled the early bits of the upcoming ReSharper 6 in front of DevCon London and JetBrains Community Night attendees.

While you can be sure that more exciting announcements on the new ReSharper functionality is ahead, one thing is crystal clear: ReSharper 6 will provide first-class support for JavaScript and CSS.

ReSharper 6 will support JavaScript

While there are currently no public builds available incorporating JavaScript support, you can expect ReSharper 6 Early Access Program to open in November, and November is very soon!

ReSharper 6 will support JavaScript

Meanwhile, please bombard ReSharper issue tracker with your feature requests detailing how you would like the most intelligent Visual Studio extension to support JavaScript and CSS!


UPDATE. For more details on ReSharper 6, watch the ReSharper 6 tag here on the .NET tools blog.

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47 Responses to ReSharper 6: JavaScript, CSS Support Coming Up

  1. Josh says:

    Very nice, much welcomed feature! In the past, I’ve found myself trying to hit F2 to rename javascript variables (which of course doesn’t work yet).

  2. Keith Nicholas says:

    will resharper 6 support VS2008?

  3. @Josh
    Yeah, it’s kinda overdue, so we have to make it really good.


  4. Chris Martin says:


    I’ve found myself using EAP of WebIDE just for JS and CSS support. It was getting tough remembering the keymap differences.

    Thank you!!!

  5. Simon Bartlett says:

    Will ReSharper 6 have ASP.NET Razor support?

  6. luedi says:

    would it not be better to concentrate on performance and stability instead of adding more and more features ???

  7. @Chris
    I feel your pain. You have to admit, though, that WebIDE rocks big time on its own :)

    We’re working on it

    Klaus, it’s better to do both. In 5.1.x, we’re eliminating performance problems and annoying bugs. For a major release, of course we’re implementing support for new technologies and new features. We have to do that, otherwise in two years, we’ll be dead.
    Do you mean specific performance problems that you’re experiencing? Do you report them to YouTrack or to support e-mail? I’m just browsing YouTrack for recent performance issues reported by you and I can’t find any. Can you please share your pain? :) You know we’re eager to help.

  8. Paul says:

    luedi – most major ReSharper releases will introduce new functionality and the polishing in terms of stability and performance enhancements comes in the minor version releases (e.g. 5.1, 6.1, etc.)

    I’m personally happy with that model.. It lets the R# devs innovate and continue to enhance the product followed with stabilizing minor releases not long after the major releases. (Thanks JetBrains!)

  9. I was at the DevCon London event and thought the demo of the new functionality was excellent.

    What I am hoping for in the CSS support is a way of finding dead CSS (i.e. definitions that are no longer being used anywhere in your solution) and some way of re-factoring CSS intelligently so for example where a designer/dev has defined a style at a low level that is simply over-riding the same style defined on a higher level element.

    As an Umbraco developer I would like to see support for XSLT too, that way everything is covered :)

    Keep up the excellent work guys!

  10. This is great to see


  11. 80;s Rocker says:

    This is way overdo and I wish this was going to be in 5.0 instead of 6.0. Know I am going to have to pay to upgrade just to get Java/CSS support, which should have already been in a previous release. I really do like ReSharper, but the let the ball drop on this one considering how much JavaScript and CSS are used. Hopefully they can have a special introductory offer to help ease the cost of upgrading.

  12. Lukasz says:


    yeah – js support is very cool :) I’ve tested this feature in JustCode but R# is much more useful for me. I’m happy that you’re creating this for R# also!

    I’m waiting for first public build :)

  13. luedi says:

    regarding performance i have the same issues discussed in the forums over and over. So there was no need for me to add entries to the tracker. I’m working primarily with VB and there are some issues in the code cleanup i’ve reported in Version 4 which are not solved until now. A special performance issue in VB is that the editor slows down significantly if there are more than 10 to 20 errors in the code. I was in contact with Olga Lobacheva about this in the EAP phase of 4.5 and she solved the problems. With 5.0 and 5.1 the problems came back again, but not so massive as in 4.5.

  14. @Chris
    Finding dead CSS is hard but we’ll try to make it happen

    @80;s Rocker
    JavaScript/CSS support alone requires enough effort to justify a major release but that’s far from being the only feature in the forthcoming R# v6. Upgrading to a newer ReSharper always brings value that’s way over upgrade costs, it’s only a matter of whether one cares to use new productivity features or not.
    Major R# upgrades are commonly 60% of new license cost, so believe me this will be great value for your money.

    How did you like JavaScript support in JustCode? Can you elaborate on your experience a bit more please?

    This one? RSRP-99313
    I’ll inquire why it’s not resolved yet.
    BTW we’re adding new features for VB in R# 6 as well. We’ll announce them soon :)

  15. Really, really outstanding news! Now, after I know you will provide JavaScript support, it feels like it’s long overdue. On an example above I see it includes jQuery, which is even more exciting. For some reason, jQuery teem still haven’t provided IntelliSence support file for jQuery 1.4.2…

  16. Oleg Anashkin says:

    Ok, since you are at the early stages of R#6, I’d like to propose a new feature which every .net developer will like if he ever worked with big enough solutions:

    In my work, slow builds are the most annoying thing out there. And it’s not about a hardware – my work machine is 2×4-core Xeons with 8gb of RAM. It’s just the fact that Visual Studio has to “build” every project in the solution even if nothing changed there.

  17. @Oleg
    We’re working on that. Not sure we’ll have it ready for 6 though.

  18. JohnDoe says:

    I agree with luedi, both VS 2008 and 2010 are more than significantly slown down by R# 5.1. Especially VS startup time takes 2 to 3 times longer with R# than without.
    Of course new features is needed, but this permanent slown down gives me a bad opinion of R#. The risk is that the day VS will offer enough R# features, I will discard R#.
    Fix bugs and perf issues first, then add new features.

  19. @John
    Actually along with new features, R# is currently undergoing major architectural changes aimed at performance increase in certain use cases (for example when editing huge ASP.NET markup files.)
    Our QA engineer will contact you on your performance issues. Please explain to him under which circumstances you’re encountering slowdowns and I hope we’ll sort it out.

  20. xumix says:

    @Jura Gorohovsky as for performance issues: I have ~10Mb of XML files included in the project(just content), so It seems like R# tries to parse them every time I reload or rebuild the project. Why?

  21. Lukasz says:

    @Jura Gorohovsky
    js support in JustCode is very good. The most useful for me was displaying file structure (and navigating – something like alt+ in R#), finding usages and code analysis with quick fixes (something like background compiler for js).

    These functionality were very cool for me because I’m writing js code a lot. With these functions programming js becomes similar to programming c# :)

    The big disadvantage of JustCode (for me) is that it doesn’t work with R#. For other functionality I prefer R# because they much much better – so I’m still using R#. Adding js support in R# will be awesome :)

  22. @xumix
    Are you using ReSharper 5.1.1? I’m not sure right now but I think we fixed this problem some time after 5.0 release

    File Structure/Go to File Member, navigation features, find usages and code analysis are already there; quick-fixes are on their way.
    Our benchmark in terms of JavaScript support is our own WebStorm and if we manage to provide at least a half of its JavaScript features by the time R# 6 is out, that would be a completely awesome result.

  23. I just purchased my R# license last month.

    Any ideas on what the cutoff date will be for upgrading to 6.0?


  24. JW says:

    +1 for David Gardiner’s question..

  25. @David, JW
    Since we’re looking to release v6 in early spring next year, the cutoff date will most probably not be set to earlier than January.

  26. Ok.. bit of a shame but I guess you have to pick a date. I’ll just have to make sure I get the most out of the current license before I upgrade :-)

    Personally it would be great if there was some way to pre-order the upgrade – especially right now as the Australian dollar is pretty close to parity with USD as I type this (0.97c to be exact) – not a common thing and not sure how long that will last!


  27. Jim Gale says:

    Two important requirements:

    1. Finding dead CSS code (i.e. I import a bunch of controls, get it to work, remove stuff I don’t want, and now I want to remove all unused CSS globally). Let me CLEAN the solution and remove ALL dead CSS. Also show it to me in gray as I inspect code.

    2. STYLE -> MOVE TO CSS -> I like creating what I like/want visually/all together. Then, of course, moving it to CSS (prompt me for basing it either on ID or CLASS – and let me know if there’s a CLASS conflict (i.e. that tag already defined)).

    Thanks! Looking forward to buying this upgrade!

  28. Jim Gale says:

    3. Make it easy for me to HtmlEncode/Decode on the fly. I want to type a whole string like “” – highlight it – then select “HtmlEncode selection” and poof it becomes "<span data-testing="123">"

  29. @Jim
    Thanks for the feature requests! I’ll make sure to pass them to the dev team.

  30. Sergey Kuks says:

    @Chris What kind of CSS refactoring you’re talking about? It would be great to have your suggestions evaluated before we completed the development.
    You may contact me directly at
    e-mail: qx [at] jetbrains [dot] com
    skype: sergey.coox
    Thanks in advance.

  31. Chad Gross says:

    Not sure I understand the “cutoff” terms used above but are folks that just puchased 5.1 licenses going to have to purchases new ones when 6.0 is released?

    For the JS and CSS support how will you handle the common or shared js and css files located at say /common/js or /common/css when you have multiple web applications at /app1, /app2, etc. with their own project app1/js and app1/css locations? You are going to need something else telling you where to locate js and css files involved with the current VS project that will not be part of the cyrrent solution. Just wondering how you will improve on say the VS’s way of getting intellisense to work with external and company frameworks like “” at the top of each and every js file.

    Also, VS studio dies a horrible death at intellisense since it can only handle a very specific structure in the js files. Looking forward to how well this could work…

  32. @Chad
    Yes, current 5.x purchases are not eligible for free upgrades to 6
    The upgrade will cost around 60% of a new license.

    Thanks for your tips for JS and CSS support. I’ll hand them over to the right person on the team.

  33. James says:

    The news just made my day. Javascript / CSS support is the #1 feature I have always wanted to see in Resharper. Dreams do come true! Thanks JetBrains!

  34. Lukasz says:

    Do you know when R#6.0 will be available in Early Access Program?

  35. @Lukasz
    We’re looking to open the Early Access Program this month. Trying our best to resolve most critical issues before the end of November.
    Wish us luck :)

  36. Laurent BR says:

    I guess I’m a little late to the party, but I have some feature (some of them can be found Netbeans 6.9) that I’d like to have for CSS :

    – Having code completion for all classes defined somewhere in the project when I type a class attribute on a HTML tag, with a visual cue if the class hasn’t been used yet
    – Same way, in CSS file and in style tags, code completion after I type a dot. The class name that don’t have any style definition yet appear with a visual cue (in a “hey, you need to define my style!” manner).
    – In the CSS files, underline the style rules that use classes that can’t be found in the HTML, with a little message like “This rule is unused, no HTML elements use the class someClass).

  37. Paul den Boer says:

    Hey guys,

    What are your plans for supporting Code Contracts in the future? Will it be implemented in the next R# 6 release or maybe even a R# plugin? Do you see it as a possible replacement for code annotations?


    P.S. Keep up the good work. R# Rules!

  38. Sergey Kuks says:

    all the features you’ve suggested are one the list. I cannot promise them done by the EAP start but we’ll definitely fullfill them by the release.

  39. @Paul
    Unfortunately no, we’re not working on Code Contracts for ReSharper 6.
    In general, support for Code Contracts can be divided into two areas:
    1. Integration of Code Contracts into ReSharper value analysis. This won’t be done since ReSharper’s value analysis is local whereas Code Contracts imply analysis in a more global scope, which means doing that on-the-fly is too much or a burden computation-wise.
    2. Code generation and transformations for Code Contracts-specific code. That is a much more realistic way of support but it’s not in the plan yet. If there’s anyone willing to invest time in creating a ReSharper plug-in that would do this, we at JetBrains would provide any reasonable assistance.

  40. Greg says:

    Back in October, in the context of free upgrades to to V6, Jura Gorohovsky said:

    “Since we’re looking to release v6 in early spring next year, the cutoff date will most probably not be set to earlier than January.”

    Are you now able to say when the cutoff date will be?

  41. @Greg
    Not yet.
    Reason: the release schedule has shifted to late Spring and may shift even more depending on how we act in light of the recent RedGate announcement.

  42. DanF says:

    Hi there. Is there an expected release date at this time?

  43. @DanF
    We’re hoping to be ready by end of May

  44. JolySoft says:

    Are you still on course for RTM at the end of May? I need this product in my life, outstanding job. Thanks

  45. @JolySoft
    Unfortunately no – we’re behind schedule, hoping for June.
    If you’re looking for a new license or an upgrade from Resharper 4.x or earlier, you can purchase 5.x now and get a free upgrade to 6.

  46. JolySoft says:

    Many thanks for getting back to so quickly. As for licences I’m all over that like a table cloth, i.e. already done. Resharper is almost a member of my family 😉

  47. @JolySoft
    Great to hear that. I hope the member of the family behaves good :)

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