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ReSharper 6: JavaScript, CSS Support Coming Up

Tonight in London Hadi Hariri and Sergey Coox have unveiled the early bits of the upcoming ReSharper 6 in front of DevCon London and JetBrains Community Night attendees.

While you can be sure that more exciting announcements on the new ReSharper functionality is ahead, one thing is crystal clear: ReSharper 6 will provide first-class support for JavaScript and CSS.

ReSharper 6 will support JavaScript

While there are currently no public builds available incorporating JavaScript support, you can expect ReSharper 6 Early Access Program to open in November, and November is very soon!

ReSharper 6 will support JavaScript

Meanwhile, please bombard ReSharper issue tracker with your feature requests detailing how you would like the most intelligent Visual Studio extension to support JavaScript and CSS!


UPDATE. For more details on ReSharper 6, watch the ReSharper 6 tag here on the .NET tools blog.

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