JetBrains TeamCity 6 is Released, Bundles dotCover

JetBrains’ renowned continuous integration and build management server, TeamCity, has just reached another milestone with its brand new version 6.

Apart from Gradle and Maven 3 support, multiple build steps, build priorities, new “My Changes” page and other valuable improvements that you can learn more about on the TeamCity blog, there’s a totally cool change that’s highly relevant for .NET developers: dotCover integration.

dotCover is now a first-class TeamCity citizen along with NCover and PartCover and can be used as a code coverage provider. That means, you can run unit test coverage analysis and view coverage reports generated by dotCover right in your continuous integration environment – of course, provided that your continuous integration environment is called TeamCity 6!

In order to analyze code coverage right in Visual Studio, you’ll still need dotCover installed on your dev machine but if you need dotCover reporting in TeamCity, it’s there for you, right out of the box.

Get the fresh, juicy TeamCity 6 from

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