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JetBrains @ BASTA!


[UPDATE: This event has been brought forward from 8:15 pm to 7 pm]

Last week of February I will be at BASTA!, an awesome .NET conference that is held twice a year in Germany (Spring and Autumn Editions). In this occasion, JetBrains, as a Special Sponsor, will be holding a JetBrains Community Night.

This will be in-line with similar events we’ve recently been holding at conferences, where we show you some tips and tricks, some of the things we are working on, answer any questions you might have, and in general just spend some quality time with you, our users.

We’ll top it off with snacks and beer (yes, all you can drink beer!).

The Agenda

– Working Effectively with ReSharper for MDD (a.k.a Mouseless Driven Development)

– Upcoming Features in ReSharper 6

– Code Coverage with dotCover

The Community Night will kick off on Tuesday 22nd of February at 7:00 pm and is open to everyone.

IMPORTANT: Whether you are attending BASTA! or not, you do need to register for this event

I’ll also be giving two sessions at BASTA!, one on ReST with MVC (Tuesday) and another on CouchDB (Wednesday).

Join us at BASTA!

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