ReSharper 6.0 Beta Available

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of ReSharper 6.0 Beta, the latest version of our award-winning productivity tool. With this release we have introduced a ton of new features including (but not limited to):

  • JavaScript, CSS, and ASP.NET MVC 3 Razor support
  • Bundled decompiler: home-grown technology that is now also available in dotPeek
  • New navigation actions and valuable additions to existing navigation features
  • Code inspections and quick-fixes for on-the-fly code quality control in VB.NET code
  • Multiple new code inspections and quick-fixes for C#
  • Color assistance (highlighting and color picker) in C#, VB.NET, XAML, and CSS
  • In-place refactorings
  • A pack of new context actions to manipulate strings
  • JavaScript QUnit test runner support
  • Bug fixes and new actions in XAML support
  • ReSharper suggestions explained right from within quick-fix menus
  • Performance Improvements in Solution Wide Analysis and other areas

For a more detailed overview of the new functionality, please read What’s New in ReSharper 6 Beta. In addition, some of the new features have already been covered in previous posts introducing ReSharper 6:

We need your feedback

ReSharper 6 has been in Early Access Program for quite some time and we have nailed out many issues. We are approaching release however with the availability of this Beta. As such, it is extremely important for us to know of any critical bugs or show-stoppers that are causing you pain. To make it easier, we have added a temporary icon to the toolbar of Visual Studio which provides a quick link to a form where you can submit information about how ReSharper is misbehaving.


We do greatly apologize the intrusion and please know that this is only a temporary icon. It will be removed before release. You can also always reach us via Twitter as well as logging issues in YouTrack. However, at this stage of the game we’d much prefer if you’d use the form. We will examine each and every report in the utmost detail and give it the attention it deserves.

Download ReSharper 6.0 Beta

If you have not yet played with ReSharper 6, you can download ReSharper 6.0 Beta now. You can also continue to access ReSharper 6 nightly builds if you like to.

Thank you!

Your ReSharper Team

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6 Responses to ReSharper 6.0 Beta Available

  1. Joe White says:

    Does that mean we’re now in the “purchases of 5.x after this date get a free upgrade to 6.0” timeframe? Or do we need to wait for that to be announced?

  2. Hadi Hariri says:


    That period started back on April 26th and is still running.

  3. alexander says:

    Beta is very buggy,
    I have to uninstall it and return back to build 2161 which works fine for me.

  4. @alexander
    Have you reported exactly what kind of issues you’re having with the beta build?

  5. alexander says:

    code autocomplite does not work at all, nothing heppened when I typing

  6. Joe White says:

    Autocomplete works fine for me in C#. What language are you using?

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