dotTrace 4.5 Performance, dotCover 1.1 Released

We’re releasing updates to our performance profiler and code coverage tool for .NET developers today: please download the release builds of dotTrace 4.5 Performance and dotCover 1.1.

We have blogged about the upcoming releases before but here’s an overview of the most important changes. New features in dotTrace 4.5 Performance include:

  • Reworked presentation of profiling results: Better aligned icons, overall clearer call trees, quick folding of irrelevant nodes.
  • New options to estimate potential performance gains: More different ways to adjust time of a function and see how it would affect overall application performance.
  • Analyzing the performance of a certain class along the lines of its API: You can now open all public methods of a class in a separate tab.

Read more about improvements in dotTrace 4.5 Performance, or watch this screencast:

dotCover 1.1 highlights include:

  • Generating code coverage reports as XML, HTML, JSON, and XML for NDepend.
  • Per-solution coverage settings.
  • Code coverage analysis results can be directly requested from a TeamCity server to Visual Studio.

Get more details about the advantages of dotCover 1.1, or, once again, watch how the new dotCover works in the following screencast:

dotTrace 4.5 Performance comes as a free upgrade for all dotTrace 4.0 Performance users, as well as for all dotTrace 3.x customers who have purchased the product after December 17, 2008.

dotCover 1.1 is a free upgrade for all its existing customers.

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