ReSharper 6.0 Beta 2 is Out

Hot on the heels of the previous Beta and thanks to exceptional feedback from the community, we’re publishing an improved update: please download and try ReSharper 6.0 Beta 2. This new Beta release:

  • Prevents crashes in Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 related to solution-wide analysis
  • Improves performance in large .cshtml (Razor) files, as well as performance of Find Usages and Go to Derived Symbols
  • Fixes good-code-red when you have .NET Framework 4 installed but don’t have Visual Studio 2010 installed

If you have experienced the aforementioned issues with the initial Beta, please try the new one to make sure that they’ve gone for you. If you’re still able to reproduce them, please let us know as soon as possible.

If anything else is still going wrong for you with this new Beta release, be it regression cases, performance or memory consumption problems, please let us know. As before, please use the “ReSharper Misbehaves” button in Visual Studio toolbar, or ReSharper issue tracker for your bug reports.

Thank you for the great feedback that we keep receiving from you!

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