New dotPeek Early Build + Pioneering dotPeek Plug-ins

Quick news on dotPeek that hasn’t been updated since last month. There’s a fresh EAP build ( out today that we invite you to download and try.

The build provides quite a bit of miscellaneous bug fixes and some noticeable improvements, including:

  • Redundant else statements now occur much less frequently as an artifact of decompiling.
  • Ctrl+Click in the text editor now works as you’d expect it to, navigating you to symbol declaration.
  • Go to Type supports navigation to namespaces.
  • You can switch between Go To actions on-the-fly: you don’t have to enter a search string after you’ve switched from, say, Go to File that you accidentally invoked to Go to Type that you really need.
  • Browser-like navigation: Alt+Left and Alt+Right that are commonly used in browsers for “Back” and “Forward”, are now used as shortcuts for Go to Previous Location and Go to Next Location.

In other exciting news, we already have a couple of plug-ins to dotPeek from the community:

Hats off to these courageous people, and we hope to see more community plug-ins even before we release the first version of dotPeek.

It’s time for a little break now as we’re all busy finalizing ReSharper 6 but we expect to get back to active dotPeek development right after we’ve released the new ReSharper.

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10 Responses to New dotPeek Early Build + Pioneering dotPeek Plug-ins

  1. Justin says:

    Can you add support for decompiling .NET Compact Framework assemblies? I notice that this doesn’t work in ReSharper 6’s decompiler either.

  2. @Justin
    We haven’t yet heard of any issues decompiling this kind of assemblies.
    Please file a bug report indicating which class in which version of the framework you’ve been trying to decompile but failed to. We’ll be able to investigate then. Thanks!

  3. Eyal-Shilony says:

    Currently, I use a small program I wrote to show resources extracted by dotPeek, is it possible for you guys to implement a resource viewer ? otherwise, I guess I can plan the next plugin for it next week or something. :)

    Keep up the outstanding work you do!

    Regards, Eyal.

  4. @Eyal-Shilony
    There’s a feature request on that.
    However, we don’t have a time estimate for that, so if you’re willing to create a plug-in before we get our hands on this functionality, please go forward!

  5. Eyal-Shilony says:

    I’ll start next week, thank you! 😀

  6. Denis Markelov says:

    Hi Jura,

    Is there any documentation on plugin API? Couldn’t find any.


  7. @Denis

    No dedicated documentation yet. However, dotPeek API is pretty much the same as ReSharper API, which is documented here

  8. GL says:

    I want to create dotPeek plugin too. How can I start? Do I need to dig into ReSharper documentation for tips on this?

  9. Dmitri Nesteruk says:


    Right now, your best bet for getting started is to look at the ReSharper SDK and the associated documentation. Even though neither of these contains anything dotPeek-specific, the examples and templates will give you the indication of the overall process of plugin development for any JetBrains .NET application. Also, take a look at the source code for the two available dotPeek plugins (Assembly Lists, XAML Viewer).

  10. Chris says:

    It would be nice if .net peek would do assembly comparisions via the regenerated code. I currently have to copy paste into notepad++ to get the code comparisions I’m looking for. Second thing, if you have two assemblies and refactor two classes with the same name it won’t refactor the second assembly, if the class matches what is opened in the recompiled code. I need close the class and double click to the different assembly with the same class to get it to code to show. It would be nice if you look at the file path to decide to reverse code or not, instead of the class name.

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