New dotPeek Early Build + Pioneering dotPeek Plug-ins

Quick news on dotPeek that hasn’t been updated since last month. There’s a fresh EAP build ( out today that we invite you to download and try.

The build provides quite a bit of miscellaneous bug fixes and some noticeable improvements, including:

  • Redundant else statements now occur much less frequently as an artifact of decompiling.
  • Ctrl+Click in the text editor now works as you’d expect it to, navigating you to symbol declaration.
  • Go to Type supports navigation to namespaces.
  • You can switch between Go To actions on-the-fly: you don’t have to enter a search string after you’ve switched from, say, Go to File that you accidentally invoked to Go to Type that you really need.
  • Browser-like navigation: Alt+Left and Alt+Right that are commonly used in browsers for “Back” and “Forward”, are now used as shortcuts for Go to Previous Location and Go to Next Location.

In other exciting news, we already have a couple of plug-ins to dotPeek from the community:

Hats off to these courageous people, and we hope to see more community plug-ins even before we release the first version of dotPeek.

It’s time for a little break now as we’re all busy finalizing ReSharper 6 but we expect to get back to active dotPeek development right after we’ve released the new ReSharper.

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