ReSharper 6.0 Beta 3

How about three Beta releases a week?

ReSharper 6 is going Beta 3 today: download and try ReSharper 6.0 Beta 3 as it should be much better than the earlier releases:

  • Less memory consumption: we’ve been removing memory leaks and exceptional memory traffic extensively this past week.
  • No more never-ending process of scanning source files on solution load.
  • Improved performance in several scenarios, including formatting JavaScript, typing in Razor views, and overall inspecting any kind of files.
  • Fixes preventing crashes caused by solution-wide analysis in Visual Studio 2008.
  • Fixes eliminating focus loss when undocking text editor tabs.
  • Visual Studio’s native VB.NET highlighting can now be switched off in favor of ReSharper inspections.

Still having issues? Please file a bug report, or fill out this feedback form. We hope to hear from you very soon!

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6 Responses to ReSharper 6.0 Beta 3

  1. perry says:

    When will we see updates to dotTrace and dotCover that play nicely with R# 6? I would love to try out the betas but don’t want to give up dotCover and dotTrace.

  2. @perry
    dotCover 1.1.1 and dotTrace 4.5.1 that support R#6 will be made available within weeks of R#6 release.

  3. Mathias Vestergaard says:

    The R# Intellisense still performs pretty horribly in large projects that mix C# and VB.
    I actually have to sit and wait for the editor to respond while typing.

  4. @Mathias
    Can we have a performance snapshot please? Please see Performance profiling instructions for exact steps.
    We’ll need a snapshot from you if you want us to look into the problem before release.
    Thank you

  5. Mathias Vestergaard says:

    I’ve uploaded a snapshot called

    It’s typing one line, which was pretty slow without the profiling. It seems to me that the more files i have open (especially mixing between C# and VB files) the slower it gets.

    Also, it seems like it’s parsing source files alot more than it used to (prior to the beta releases). When i build, it seems to be parsing source files after it builds each individual project, making the whole build take about 3-5x longer.

  6. @Mathias
    Thanks a lot! I’ve submitted a bug report to allow tracking progress on this issue.

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