ReSharper 6.0 Release Candidate

ReSharper 6.0 Release Candidate has arrived! Please download and try the RC build, especially if the following improvements fix issues that you’ve had with Beta 3 or earlier Beta builds:

  • Additional memory consumption optimizations in addition to those introduced in Beta 3.
  • More performance fixes in ASP.NET MVC.
  • Fixes ensuring that all options are persisted between sessions.
  • Bug fixes and cosmetic improvements in unit test runner, specifically related to QUnit support.
  • Proper support for .NET Micro Framework and Windows Azure Toolkit for WP7.
  • Fixes ensuring that ReSharper 6 successfully starts under Windows XP SP3 with Visual Studio 2010.

If any critical issues are still bothering you, this could be your last chance to report them and have them fixed before release!

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