dotTrace: Profiling decompiled code

As you might know, dotPeek is our Free Decompiler which is currently available under the EAP program. The core engine for dotPeek is also included in ReSharper 6, allowing us to navigate and analyze assemblies for which we do not have the source code.

As could be expected, we will be including the same feature in dotTrace Performance. This potentially allows us to decompile any code we are profiling and examine if a potential issue could lie in this actual decompiled code.

Take the following sample application (in this case Nerddinner) :


When examining the list of functions, we might encounter a call that is part of a library. When trying to display the source, dotTrace would prompt us for the PDB files.


If, for whatever reason we do not have the PDB files, we can now click on the “Decompiled source” tab and have the dotPeek engine decompile the source code for us:


This makes it even easier to dig into third-party code to determine if there are any potential bottlenecks. This functionality will be available in the next major version of dotTrace and available soon when the EAP program opens.

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