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ReSharper 6.1: The Finish Line

A couple of days ago, we have started to release ReSharper 6.1 nightly builds in production mode, with build 30 being the first one of the new breed.

What sets production builds apart from regular development builds is that exceptions are suppressed, meaning no more wild life in the right corner of the status bar, and performance is slightly better due to lower count of checks, asserts and whatnot. Basically, production mode builds is what you get when we deliver betas, release candidates, and final release builds.

What it all means for you is that if you’re generally reluctant to trying nightly builds due to the annoyance of exception reporting and general mistrust, this might be the right moment for you to test-drive ReSharper 6.1 before we release it — even more so considering that we’re not planning any beta releases prior to 6.1 RTM.

Having said that, please grab a fresh nightly build and try it out. Here’s the list of issues that separate us from releasing 6.1. If you think there are any more show-stopper level issues, please be quick to ping us here in comments or by creating a bug report. Thank you!

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