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ReSharper 6.1, dotCover 1.2 and dotTrace 4.5.2 Performance Released

Christmas is only a few days away and we’ve decided to celebrate it a little earlier by releasing not one, but all three of our main .NET tools: ReSharper 6.1, dotCover 1.2 and dotTrace 4.5.2 Performance.

ReSharper 6.1

As covered in previous posts, this release of ReSharper is much more than a few bug fixes.


In ReSharper 6.0 we laid the foundations for what would be the new settings management engine. This was quite a substantial change, both from an architectural point of view as well as functional. Unfortunately due to that pesky little annoyance called time, we did not manage to finish it for the 6.0 release. We have now though and ReSharper 6.1 introduces a wealth of new possibilities for sharing settings across solutions, teams, machines and even company-wide policies. And we’re still not done with settings, so keep your feedback coming for further releases.


Performance improvements

For every single release of ReSharper, we invest a large amount of time in performance improvements. This often isn’t an easy task since new releases also include new functionality. In 6.0 we had some serious performance issues with certain types of web projects. This has now thankfully been resolved in 6.1 and we’ve made 6.1 faster in many areas. Numbers are impressive: we have fixed 140 performance problems for 6.1.

Async and Visual Studio 11 support

Async support in C# is still in CTP stage. Visual Studio 11 is in early developer preview. Trying to support technology that is not entirely finished proves not only challenging but also risky. Any major changes could deem most of the work we’ve performed as obsolete. However, we know that you, our users, play with the early bits and miss ReSharper.


That’s why in 6.1 we provide support for Async features in C# and VB.NET, as well as initial experimental support for Visual Studio 11. Support for Metro style applications is not yet included, and in order to install ReSharper into VS11 Developer Preview, you have to use a separate .vsix installer available at ReSharper downloads.

Optimizing assembly references

Many users rely on ReSharper in streamlining their project maintenance tasks, and this new feature is a nice addition to the existing project-level toolset. In any project in your solution, ReSharper 6.1 detects assembly references that are not effectively used, and helps remove some or all of them.



During 6.0 development we invested heavily in trying to provide a better API for extending ReSharper. 6.1 also sees the birth of this effort. Along with an improved API, we also now provide a testing framework, Visual Studio templates for creating plug-ins, samples, as well as online documentation. ReSharper 6.1 SDK is available for download as a .msi or .zip package.


More awesome features

Here are a few more great features also added:

  • Structural Search and Replace for HTML and ASP.NET. You can now use Custom Patterns to refactor both HTML and ASP.NET markup.
  • Call tracking for ASP.NET MVC. Same call tracking features, extended to ASP.NET MVC 3.
  • New code inspections. Access to disposed closures, covariant array conversions and more.

We have also fixed many outstanding issues. Look for more blog posts describing 6.1 features and improvements in future here on the JetBrains .NET tools blog.

dotCover 1.2 and dotTrace 4.5.2 Performance

These are mainly maintenance releases with a primary focus of supporting ReSharper 6.1. In addition, dotCover 1.2 works side-by-side with TypeMock 6.2.x, provides performance improvements in report generation, reduces HTML report size and memory consumption.

Note that we are already working on next major dotCover and dotTrace Performance releases. EAPs are expected soon, exposing a ton of new functionality and improvements, so stay tuned for that.

Download them all!

You can download ReSharper 6.1, dotCover 1.2 and dotTrace 4.5.2 Performance right now!

Last but not least, we’d like to wish everyone very Happy Holiday season. Stay safe and see you all in the New Year!

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