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dotTrace 5.0 Performance is Live

It’s official: the powerful .NET performance profiler from JetBrains gets a long-awaited update.

Please welcome dotTrace 5.0 Performance that you’re invited to download and try.

Key features of dotTrace 5.0 Performance include:

  • Attaching to and detaching from an already running process. You can now involve a profiler on demand, when an application starts displaying performance issues, and detach it from the application as soon as a performance snapshot is captured. This is especially useful with production applications that you no longer need to restart to profile, and the performance impact of running them under the profiler is minimized.
  • Streamlined remote profiling. Profiling .NET applications running on remote computers becomes easier, even in restricted environments. Combined with attaching to process, improvements in remote profiling make dotTrace Performance a great tool to detect performance issues in apps run in production environments.
  • Bundled decompiler. Even if source code is not immediately available, the code of any function featured in a profiling snapshot can now be decompiled using the decompiler engine that is also used in two more JetBrains .NET tools: dotPeek and ReSharper.
  • Support for IIS Express. All major servers used to develop and run .NET web applications are now supported: ASP.NET Development Server, IIS Express, and the complete edition of IIS.

To learn more about the new release, read What’s New in dotTrace 5.0 Performance, or watch this video:

Feels good enough? Please download dotTrace 5.0 Performance and let us know how it works for you.

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