JetBrains and Nemerle

Last week JetBrains made a decision to bring on board the Core developers behind a project called Nemerle.

Nemerle is an Open Source project that provides a statically typed programming language for .NET, similar to C#. Recently it has been in the spotlight, with a few sessions on it at NDC, as well as an appearance on the popular podcast .NET Rocks.


The main focus of the Nemerle team at JetBrains will be N2, a language framework that’s primary goal is to make the development of languages and tools as easy and simple as possible, opening up great potentials for us at JetBrains, where our main focus is developer tools.

We are extremely excited about this project and happy to bring Nemerle under the JetBrains umbrella and thus guaranteeing the viability of the N2 project.

As we have more information and development advances, we will be sure to keep you up to date.

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