dotTrace 5.1 Performance: Maintenance Release is Available

Today the insightful .NET performance profiler from JetBrains received an upgrade and we invite you to download dotTrace 5.1 Performance and try it.

Major improvements in dotTrace 5.1 Performance include:

  • Updated and improved stack walker. Our new algorithm helps you get deeper into call stacks of your application or CLR providing more opportunities to detect bottlenecks. In previous versions sampling profiling couldn’t get stack trace in some situations, including attach to a process running on a remote server, so the stack walker algorithm was redesigned to solve this issue. Moreover, instead of the mysterious [Native code] label, now you can see detailed call stack info where it’s possible.
  • Integration with ReSharper 7. In case you already have ReSharper installed, you can easily profile unit tests right from Visual Studio code editor, Solution Explorer or ReSharper’s unit test runner. The updated dotTrace 5.1 Performance supports both ReSharper 6 and the latest ReSharper 7 which is currently in EAP.

Check out what’s new for more details or grab the latest build right now!

Please note that all dotTrace 5.0 Performance users are eligible for a free upgrade, moreover if you have purchased the dotTrace 4.x Performance after February 23, 2012 you can upgrade for free too.

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