Windows Phone 8 Support in ReSharper 7.1

As many of you know, after months of waiting Microsoft has finally released Windows Phone 8 SDK to the general public. This means that you can now start writing WP8 apps and it should probably come as no surprise that ReSharper is here to help once again!

Here is an overview of some of the aspects of WP8 development that ReSharper 7.1 supports out of the box:

  • Code completion is provided in both the C# and VB languages as well as XAML.

  • Code inspections, quick-fixes and context actions let you quickly fix errors, improve and organize your code:

  • A vast array of XAML-related improvements is provided in 7.1. These include improved support for XAML code completion as well as typing assistance, binding assistance, support for custom bindings and resource dictionaries and lots of other improvements. Check out this blog post for details.

  • Navigation and search mechanisms continue to support lightning-fast introspection of existing code:

  • Create from usage mechanisms let you use elements first, and declare them later:

  • ReSharper’s large set of refactorings support different languages as well as cross-language usage scenarios:

  • Color highlighting and the Select Color window make working with colors in XAML a breeze:

  • Naturally, ReSharper also supports HTML that is used in the “Windows Phone HTML5 App” type of project:

We’ve ensured that all of the aforementioned mechanisms (as well as many others) are supported under the various C#- and VB.NET-based Windows Phone project types, making development of WP8 applications that much easier and more intuitive. Enjoy!

Right now, you can download a fresh ReSharper 7.1 nightly build. The final release should be available shortly as well.

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