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dotTrace 5.5 EAP: Introducing Subsystems

This happens to be a hot week for JetBrains .NET tools, as today we are opening the Early Access Progam for dotTrace 5.5 Performance. Please feel free to grab the latest build of our performance profiler. And here are the reasons why you should give it a try:


With version 5.5 we’re offering a new way to analyze snapshots in terms of Subsystems. Discover your code bottlenecks faster without digging deep into callstacks. With Subsystems view you get a quick overview of where a possible bottleneck may originate from:
dotTrace 5.5 Performance Subsystems
Note that you can customize this view to fit your needs by creating your own profiles and restyling the color scheme the way you like it. dotTrace 5.5 Performance comes with a built-in Default profile which gives you an example of how you can benefit from using Subsystems:

dotTrace 5.5 Performance Managing Subsystems options
Go to View | Options to see how it works and set up your own profile.


We’ve also enabled you to add bookmarks to your snapshots so you could easily find and navigate between interesting pieces of a snapshot. Click Ctrl+K to create a bookmark, then you can use Ctrl+W shortcut to see and edit the full list of bookmarks from the current snapshot.

dotTrace 5.5 Performance Bookmarks editor

Other impovements

  • List of application’s Hot Spots is now shown right upon opening a snapshot in the updated Overview tab.
  • New Hot Spots algorithm accounting for system code.
  • dotTrace snapshot files (*.dtp) now occupy twice less disk space.
  • Integration with ReSharper 8 EAP.
  • Improved stability in incorrect metadata write/read.

Please note that current version of the EAP build doesn’t support working with snapshots created by previous versions of dotTrace, but this should be fixed by RTM.

You can start playing with dotTrace 5.5 Performance by downloading the latest nightly build from the Early Access Program Page today!

Please don’t foreget to let us know about any issues you might be facing via dotTrace issue tracker.

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