ReSharper Personal and Academic Licensing Changes

Last year, we asked for your input in order to decide whether to make a transition to upgrade subscription-based licensing for ReSharper. Upon reading through your feedback and undertaking internal research, we introduced a commercial license including 1-year upgrade subscription.

Further on we thought that it would be appropriate to do something similar for personal and academic licenses. What we did was just drop the traditional, per-major-version personal and academic licenses and replace them with licenses empowered with 1-year subscription. This is exactly how most of our products (such as PhpStorm, RubyMine, AppCode or WebStorm) are licensed: when buying a license, you can upgrade to any major and minor releases during 1 year.

Starting June 1, whenever you buy a new personal or academic license or upgrade your existing one, you get 1 year of free upgrades, effectively meaning that you receive the upcoming ReSharper 8 for free.

Unlike the commercial license that can be purchased both with or without 1-year upgrade subscription, personal and academic licenses default to the subscription model, and do so without price increase. As a result, if you’re a personal or academic customer, there’s no more pain of buying a license and finding out in several months that you need to pay again in order to get the latest update.

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