ReSharper 8.0 is Available

Following a great effort from both the product team and early adopters, we’re excited to finally announce that ReSharper 8.0 is officially released and available for download!

The new release refines many existing functionality areas and introduces a new one, namely architecture tools. Highlights of ReSharper 8.0 include:

  • Support for Visual Studio 2013 Preview while preserving compatibility with previous versions of the IDE, namely Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2012.
  • Faster code fixes. Thanks to the new Fix in Scope mechanism, many of the code fixes that ReSharper suggests can now be batch-applied in the scope of a project, project folder, or even the whole solution. Watch video
  • Architecture tools. ReSharper can now visualize a project dependency graph for a high-level perspective of dependencies within a Visual Studio solution, and do so without requiring to compile any code. Watch video
  • Multifile templates. This new kind of ReSharper templates allows expanding to more than a single file, helping easily generate view-model pairs and other common sets of files. Watch video
  • New navigation features including Go to Everything, Assembly Explorer, Navigate to Generic Substitutions and Navigate to Assembly Explorer. Watch video
  • New automated refactorings. The set of fresh refactorings is headlined by the highly requested Move Instance Method to move methods between classes without making them static. Watch video
  • Extraordinary XAML support. Developers working on WPF, Windows Phone, Windows Store and other kinds of XAML-based applications are now covered with a new set of dedicated code inspections and quick-fixes, plus a pack of refactorings to manipulate styles and resources, among other improvements. Watch video
  • Revised code completion. ReSharper 8 brings richer automatic completion that is able to import types, the new concept of double completion, code generation items in suggestion lists, and more improvements to IntelliSense. Watch video
  • Easy extension management. With the new NuGet-based Extension Manager, discovering, installing and uninstalling ReSharper extensions is now much quicker in Visual Studio 2010 and higher. Some of the most popular ReSharper plugins are already available as packages to use with ReSharper 8.0, including ReSharper-AngularJS, NuGet support (which is actually now a bundled plugin), ReSpeller and XUnit Contrib. A number of other popular plugins are currently being ported to 8.0. Watch video
  • CSS support improvements. Web developers can now enjoy browser compatibility checks, new code inspections and color conversion actions, as well as CSS code completion available in many new contexts. Watch video
  • Free command-line version of ReSharper. The new ReSharper Command Line Tools is a set of free console tools that execute ReSharper inspections outside of Visual Studio and additionally help find code duplicates. Distributed as a separate download, the tools can be integrated with Continuous Integration or code quality management servers.

If you’re interested to learn more about the new release, watch videos referenced above or read all blog posts about ReSharper 8 that we’ve been rolling out in recent months (and there’s more of them to come).

Whether you go for details or not, you just owe it to yourself to download ReSharper 8.0 and test it in action.

Enjoy the new ReSharper!

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54 Responses to ReSharper 8.0 is Available

  1. jamesn says:

    What about those people who bought Resharper 7 recently.. is there a free upgrade window (if you bought RS 7 after ______) or a reduced upgrade fee?

  2. @jamesn
    For personal users, yes: personal 7.x purchases made on June 1 this year or later qualify for a free upgrade.
    For commercial users, depends on type of license: if it includes free upgrade subscriptions, then yes.

  3. zahir says:

    that icon does not look like a Moebius strip

  4. jdogg13 says:


    According to the License Agreement:

    10. UPGRADES
    (a) All generally available upgrades to Software will be free of charge to Licensee during the initial one (1) year period after purchase of Software. Upon installing any upgrade, Licensee must cease using a previous version of Software and destroy License Key provided by Licensor for a previous version of Software.

  5. Anton says:

    And again without less support… When??

  6. @jdogg13 You’re referring to a version of license agreement that was not valid at the time of @jamesn’s purchase.
    We have switched to upgrade subscription-based licensing on June 1 this year. Personal licenses purchased before that date had been issued and licensed per major version.

  7. @Anton LESS support is not scheduled yet (
    We’ll see if we can include it in one of forthcoming releases.

    • Stacey says:

      Really, really hoping you guys decide to implement LESS support! It’s a very crucial part of the projects I am working with as of late and this would be so wonderful.

      (note: not mentioning the other tool, because that wouldn’t be very professional. Also, it’s way funnier to read this way.)

      I have been using [REDACTED] for a long time because it had some features ReSharper did not, but the performance was abysmal. Eventually, I had to go back to ReSharper just because you guys always make the best running tool. But at the moment I am forced back into using [REDACTED] because it supports LESS, and again the performance is a complete drag on my machine.

      The javascript support; The javascript support is what really sold me on Resharper over [REDACTED]. When using Resharper, I get intellisense everywhere for my Javascript, but when using bare Visual Studio or [REDACTED], it is very picky and messy. I have my own complaints about Resharper (I think that the way you guys organize the tools on the context menus leaves a lot to be desired), but features and performance is absolutely not one of them. I look forward to getting to make the transition completely when LESS support is added!

  8. GuyR says:

    Wait so if I purchased a commercial license a month ago without the upgrade subscription I can’t get the free upgrade?
    I have to pay an extra $150…?

  9. @GuyR With commercial licenses, that’s correct. You might want to contact sales and discuss your situation with them though.

  10. Michael Collins says:

    Do you know when the other .NET tools (dotCover and the profiling tools) will be upgraded? They’re reporting errors now that they are incompatible with ReSharper 8 and are disabling in Visual Studio.


  11. Urs says:

    Congratulations on your new release!

    We have shared R# settings in our team, where all use R# 7. If only I upgrade to R# 8 (to test out the new functionality), can other developers still on R# 7 use the same settings? Or will V8 migrate the settings to a new version that will not be backwards compatible?

  12. Core_F says:

    Well, we have a upgrade subscription, but after updating ReSharper says: “License to version 7.0 is not acceptable”. Do we have to “refresh” our keys? Couldn’t find anything on the actual update process in the whitepaper.

  13. @Michael Collins
    dotTrace 5.5 Performance is expected next week; dotCover 2.5 in early August.

  14. @Urs
    As far as I know, the dev team hasn’t touched settings and you should be good to use both versions simultaneously with the same settings.
    I can’t verify with the team to be 100% sure right now as they’ve all gone celebrating the release. I suggest that you back up the settings file and give the mixed-version environment a try.

  15. @Core_F That’s strange: subscription-enabled keys should be good for 8. Can you please drop your license key to I’ll check what might be going wrong. Thanks

  16. David Hanson says:

    Typescript support?

  17. Urs says:

    @Jura it would be a good idea to have an official statement about the level of support on mixed-version environments with shared settings, as I think in large companies it is quite common that part of a company upgrades to R#8 while others stay on R#7. E.g. We have 3 separate .NET teams, some of them plan to upgrade to VS13 ASAP (and thus need R#8), and others might stay on VS12/R#7 for quite some time .

  18. Sergey Kuks says:

    @David, Typescript support is postponed to 8.1 – we did not manage to fit it into the 8.0 schedule.

  19. Jens says:

    @Sergey Kuks Could you then please release a fast patch disabling “resharper” on .ts files, because while there is nu support for TypeScript, Resharper 8 Sure seem to think there is… Currently means I cannot use ReSharper 8 in my development, as it “interferes” with my TypeScript files… and is probably also present still…

  20. Jens says:

    @Sergey Kuks – Sort of Never mind… Phew…!!!…

    But… to things… seems you have a 8.0.1 in planing… Disable TypeScript support by default… (It is enabled by default, or is that because I had the Beta or EAP installed??)…

    And could be a good ting to mention where to turn it off… there is quite a few ReSharper options by now… But I managed to find an option allowing you to disable it.

  21. Igor says:

    We purchased a several commercial licenses 15/07 (when R# 8 beta was be released) without the upgrade subscription.
    Can we somehow get the free upgrade?

    Thank you,

  22. Sergey Kuks says:

    @Jens, bugfix update is planned and we probably start publishing its nightly builds this week. You may disable ReSharper for Typescript files in ReSharper | Options | Languages page.

  23. Sergey Kuks says:

    @Igor, you must have been offered commercial license with subscription when you made the order. Anyway, please contact sales department ( to discuss your situation.

  24. Igor says:

    Unfortunately, I was not informed about conditions of the order.
    I contacted with sales department to discuss the situation.

    thank you,

  25. Joe White says:

    @Urs, @Jura, as far as I can tell the settings are backwards compatible; I haven’t seen R#8 settings cause any problems with R#7.

    What’s weird is that the settings aren’t totally *forwards*-compatible: not all your R#7 settings will work in R#8. For example, R#7 had a single “blank lines before and after” setting that applied to both methods and properties. R#8 split that into one setting for methods and a separate setting for properties, and defaulted both the new settings to something arbitrary, completely ignoring your R#7 setting. The new settings should have used your R#7 setting as a default, but they don’t. I know of at least three different settings that they broke this way (“blank lines before”, “blank lines after”, and “align LINQ expressions”); there may be more. I wrote this bug up as RSRP-369891, but it’s not fixed in the R#8 release.

    The good news is, when you see something not working right in R#8, you can just fix it in R#8 settings and save it back to the team-shared file, and it’ll get added in without disturbing the R#7 settings. So R#7 will still work, and once you add back the non-forwards-compatible settings, so will R#8.

  26. @Urs Good idea, thanks: I’ll ask to add a FAQ entry on settings in mixed environments, which should qualify as an official statement.

    Thanks for sharing your experience and pointing to RSRP-369891. Looking at internal comments to this request, I see that there’s been a debate on how to address this issue but I’m more or less sure that it will be fixed by 8.1.

  27. Anatoliy Mogylevets says:

    After installing ReSharper 8.0 (the previously installed version 7 has been removed during the installation), I am looking at message “License to version 7.0 is not acceptable”.

    My subscription is still valid — I have upgraded to ReSharper 7.0 on Sep. 16 2012.

    Email message from JetBrains Team states that “If you have a license with a valid subscription, just download ReSharper 8.0 and use your existing license key.”

    What am I missing?

  28. @Anatoliy
    Assuming that you have a personal license, the problem is that personal and academic licenses are only bundled with an upgrade subscription since June 1 this year: we’ve announced the license changes on this blog.
    Personal and academic licenses issued before June 1 this year had been licensed per major version and wouldn’t include an upgrade subscription.

  29. Vincent says:

    After Install the AspNetWebTools2013Setup, then install the resharper 8, it’s not loaded in vs2013 at all

  30. @Vincent, thanks, we’ll try to reproduce the problem.

  31. kfalk says:

    Vincent, I did not manage to reproduce your problem. Am I right that you tried to install R# 8.0 RTM build? Could you please send me installed product list from VS About dialog and try to completely reinstall R# and then run VS instance with the following command key : devenv.exe /resetskippkgs.

  32. Noel says:

    Will you make version 7 run with VS2013. We have only just purchased licenses a few months ago and my license key gives me the “License to version 7.0 is not acceptable” so I assume that we did not pay for the upgrade version. That being the case I want resharper 7 to work with VS2013. I am not going to give up upgrading to the latest VS just because resharper doesn’t work.

  33. Noel, sorry, we’re not planning to make v7 support VS2013. It’s a pretty standard situation for ReSharper to only support new VS versions in major upgrades.

    If you purchased v7 commercial licenses in March or later and weren’t informed about the difference between licenses with and without upgrade subscription, you might want to discuss this with JetBrains sales.

  34. Cesar says:

    We’ve been working with Resharper for a long time now and upgraded multiple times (commercial licences), and this has never happened before. Basically, we bought a product that was good for less than a year, because we have to upgrade to VS 2013 – VS2012 was not that smooth. I think you are not being fair to force people to upgrade twice within less than a year. It’s the first time that Microsoft does this, resulting in this very uncomfortable situtaion. I think you should consider a solution.

  35. @Cesar Can you please elaborate on why do you think we’re forcing customers to upgrade twice within less than a year? If I recall correctly, ReSharper 7 was released July 26, 2012, and ReSharper 8 July 18, 2013. This is an almost full year between two major releases. Both releases were stuffed with improvements that included but were not limited to support for respective new Visual Studio versions.

  36. Cesar says:

    @Jora Because a lot of customers didn’t buy Resharper 7 immediatley when it was launched (some of the commenters mentioned some cases. for example, we upgraded to it on the end of the year because we moved to VS 2012 to get .Net Framework 4.5). What usually would happen was that customers had the choice to wait to upgrade to a newer version of Resharper because VS would update once in two years at least, but this time Microsoft released VS 2013 which looks more like a much needed Service Pack for VS 2012 – this caused Resharper to bump its version which resulted in this unfair situation (in my opinion of course) – since Resharper is tightly coupled with VS (and vice versa for people who start using it) the product we bought at the end of last year is now obsolete.

  37. Christian says:

    I must say I am disappointed in reading the comments here. I have been using ReSharper since v2 and always have we had the possibility of a free upgrade if a new major version was released shortly after our purchase.

    In an ideal world my employer would upgrade our licenses immediately, allowing us to always have cutting edge versions of software. In reality we need a business case and much cajoling to upgrade our ReSharper version.

    Therefore given that we only managed to upgrade to v7 in June, it is unlikely we will be getting v8 any time soon. So given that we’re all deeply accustomed to using it, it means we won’t be able to use VS2013 either, even though I have a copy sitting on my desk.

    I hope you reconsider this policy. :(

  38. @Christian Were you offered an upgrade subscription when you purchased the upgrade back in June?
    If not, looks like you ought to contact sales so that they offer you an acceptable solution.

  39. Christian says:

    I can’t rightfully say as I don’t remember. I will get someone onto it, thanks.

  40. DaFlons says:

    I have to say, that purchasing a product that’s valid for less than a year seems wrong. We bought commercial licenses in Feb this year, and now we have to pay for another upgrade because v7 doesn’t work with the latest version of Visual Studio. I guess we’ll not be using Resharper then.

  41. @DaFlons
    Your license is actually valid eternally with those versions of Visual Studio that your purchased product (that is, ReSharper 7) supported by the time of purchase.
    We have never made any direct or implied commitments to support Visual Studio 2013 in 7.x, neither have we concealed that the default per-major-version licensing makes you eligible for the purchased major version of software and all minor updates but not major ones. We do have an option for you to buy commercial licenses with 1-year free upgrade subscription. If your purchase occurred in 2013, you should have been made aware of this option, and even if you’ve decided to skip it, it’s possible that if you contact JetBrains sales now, you might be able to buy an upgrade subscription on top of your existing licenses, which should be cheaper than upgrading 7.x licenses to 8.x.

  42. Dustin Moris Gorski says:

    My purchase is not even 12 months old and I cannot use ReSharper anymore (not working with Visual Studio 2013, which is a real problem).

    Since Microsoft drastically reduced the release cycle of VS (dropped from 2 to 1 year = 50%), I think you really have to change your licencing model or reduce the prices by the same (=50%). Previously a ReSharper license was at least good for 24 months, but now, it is only good for max. 12 months and only when I purchase the license on the same day when the new VS gets released.

    I reckon you have to come up with a better (I would almost say modern) upgrade model, so that your customers don’t get frustrated every time MS releases a new version of VS.

    Not upgrading to VS 2013 is def. not an option. As an innovative and cutting edge business you should encourage people to upgrade to the latest VS version and make that shift less painful for your customers.

    I hope that makes sense and that you really understand where my frustration comes from.

    For the time now, I would be happy to accept a free upgrade to ReSharper 8 or at least a version of ReSharper 7.x that works with VS 2013.



  43. Dustin Moris Gorski says:

    I want to stress out, that I understand that you offer an upgrade license, but that was established at a time, where VS had a release cycle of 2-3 years. This has changed recently and it will become even faster in the future.

    Right now, it feels like you try to convince people to pay the same price for only 50% or 33% of what they got before. This is easy maths and I hope you understand this.

    And again, I really want to stress out that you should encourage people to upgrade to the latest versions of MS tools. Especially from someone like JetBrains that’s what I would expect and I would be careful to damage your (good) reputation by a flawed license model.

  44. @Dustin
    We don’t think we’re in position to encourage anyone to use the latest Visual Studio. By supporting 5 latest versions of VS, we’re open to everyone irrelevant of which VS version they’re using, otherwise we’d have dropped VS2005 and VS2008 support a very long time ago.
    Believe it or not, there are customers who are still working with VS2005 and VS2008 and upgrade to latest versions of ReSharper and they don’t feel they’re missing out much compared to those who jump on any latest developments from MS.
    However there are also people like you who consider support for a new VS version the only legitimate reason to upgrade their ReSharper licenses.
    We’re fine with both of these upgrade strategies (and all others that there are).
    Thanks to feedback from you and from other customers, we can look around and hopefully find optimal solutions for everyone.

  45. Dustin Moris Gorski says:

    What I meant is that your current policy is more of a blocker to many developers from quickly upgrading their daily tools to the latest versions. Of course this is not a concern to you, but I am surprised that this is the final point that you (JetBrains) are taking in this discussion.

    Fact is, that I bought ReSharper less than 12 months ago and the reality is that I have to make another purchase now in order to use VS 2013.

    I don’t mind this and probably I will buy it again today or tomorrow, but it doesn’t feel right and I am disappointed. Short term you gain another sale, but long term you motivate me to look for other options/tools.

    Thank you,


  46. Uchi says:

    Trying to upgrade from v7 to v8 but I keep getting “Your cart is empty” after entering my old license key

  47. @Uchi Is your old license key an Academic key delivered June 20 this year? If so, it should be valid with 8 as well.

  48. Sid Gurrawar says:

    I bought Resharper in April of this month and now to use VS 2013, I need to buy another Resharper version. This is very disappointing. This will be my third transaction with Resharper in the last one and half year, and second this year. Your tools are great but the way company is treating its loyal customers is not fair. I might be buying Resharper upgrade, not sure, but all other members of my team at work are looking for alternatives.

    • gorohoroh says:

      Sid, I can see that you’ve purchased your initial copy of ReSharper (6.x) on March 10, 2012, then upgraded to 7.x in April 2013, then upgraded to 8.x a couple of days ago.
      How exactly do you feel this is not fair? If you’re referring to your 7.x license that didn’t cover a year of free upgrades, we’ve addressed this issue earlier this year, and your latest license does include a year of free upgrades (meaning that it will cover 9.x for example)
      Is there anything else that you’re annoyed with?

      • Sid Gurrawar says:

        Yes I am annoyed with your response that a person should upgrade twice in one year to use it with visual studio. What did you exactly address? Did you address it by forcing customers to upgrade twice in year 2013? This is not fair. You saying that this is fair does not make it fair. If my 8.x includes free upgrade then why the heck does the 7.x does not? This is not fair and a total rip-off of customers who bought 7.x before June 1st. Did you address my issue that I had to upgrade twice in one year? Did you address the issue of all the customers who bought Resharper 7.x in year 2013 before June 1st. The way you treat your customers and how you respond to their opinions ( without giving 7.x customers who bought it in year 2013 ( January to May 2013, INCLUDING ME, free upgrades and forcing them to buy it again) is NOT FAIR and I AM ANNOYED!

        • Jura Gorohovsky says:

          If my 8.x includes free upgrade then why the heck does the 7.x does not?
          Because your 7.x license was granted before changing the licensing policy to include a year of free upgrades.

          I don’t really feel we can get to anything constructive speaking like this. If you feel like your latest upgrade (Dec 2013) was a rip-off, please consider requesting a refund. This would leave you licensed to v7 but you would not qualify for v8 or v9.

  49. Avi says:

    I’m getting exactly the same issue as Uchi. If I enter my license key WRONG, I get an actual error message, but when I enter it correctly, I’m just getting “Your shopping cart is empty”. Considering the cost of the upgrade compared to the new features, maybe this is just a sign that I should just stick with 7.

    • gorohoroh says:

      Avi, you’re most probably making one of the following mistakes:
      * Trying to upgrade your license through the commercial license upgrade section instead of personal license upgrade section
      * Incorrectly specifying your current license in the “What ReSharper version are you licensed to?” drop-down: in your case, the “3.x-7.x C# Edition” option should be selected
      Please make sure once again that you’re making none of these mistakes and let me know. Thanks

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