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dotTrace 5.5.2 Performance is available

We are excited to announce availability of an update to our performance profiler.

Please welcome dotTrace 5.5.2 Performance!

This is a minor update that contains a lot of important fixes, such as:

  • Updated Subsystems UI;
  • Stack walker fix;
  • Correct processing of situations when it’s not possible to open a file (DTRC-9235);
  • Improved snapshot name generation to get rid of symbols that cannot be used in a file name (DTRC-9339, DTRC-9342 and DTRC-9232);
  • Improved .NET Framework 4 support: more threads are now shown in Sampling mode and when profiling applications via Attach to Process.

Please download dotTrace 5.5.2 Performance if you have experienced any of the problems above.

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