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ReSharper Workshops at YOW! 2013 in Melbourne and Sydney

YOW! Australia is holding a series of 1 and 2 day Workshops in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to coincide with the YOW! Developer Conferences in each city. These Workshops present an opportunity to get hands-on training from internationally recognized experts in a small group format. The workshops are divided into four subject areas: Agile Practices; Security, Performance & The Cloud; Languages; and Software Architecture & Design.

Hadi Hariri will conduct a Software Architecture & Design workshop in Melbourne (December 3rd) and Sydney (December 11th)In each full-day workshop, you will refresh your knowledge about the mainstream ReSharper functionality and learn about many of the overlooked features of ReSharper. Here are the full details:

ReSharper Inside Out: Effective Refactoring of C# and JavaScript

You will learn how to effectively navigate legacy codebases using advanced navigation features, inspections, usage search, and value/call tracking. You will learn about using some of the less known yet very useful automatic refactorings that ReSharper offers.

You will dive deeply into code inspections and learn not only how to configure them but extend them using Structural Search and Replace, create and extend all the different types of templates ReSharper offers, as well as learn how to do effective TDD/BDD. You will also dig into the configuration features ReSharper offers and see how to effectively configure ReSharper for yourself, your team and your company.

After getting a firm grip of everything ReSharper offers, you will explore extending ReSharper. After an overview of ReSharper’s architecture, you will see how we can extend it using the ReSharper SDK, learning about the different types of extensibility points that ReSharper offers. And if all that isn’t enough, you’ll also learn some of ReSharper’s best kept secrets!

This workshop is intended .NET Developers who are using ReSharper in their development environment. This workshop is not for the ReSharper newbie.

For more information, please visit the workshop page. To register now, click on the conference and workshop city that you are interested in: Melbourne (December 3rd) or Sydney (December 11th).

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