Beta Updates to ReSharper 8 and .NET Tools

We’ve been publishing ReSharper 8.1 and dotCover 2.6 EAP builds for a while, and although dotTrace Performance hasn’t revealed any early builds recently, it has also been updated to match the state of its peer products. Now, in an effort to simultaneously update all major .NET developer tools and make them work seamlessly with each other, we’re presenting 3 Beta releases at the same time:

  • Download ReSharper 8.1 Beta with support for TypeScript development; integration into Visual Studio 2013 RTM including its two leading features, Peek Definition and Enhanced Scroll Bar; improvements to Project Dependency View, Find Usages and Inspection Results; plus enhanced JavaScript and XAML support; as well as new code inspections. Beta updates to ReSharper SDK and ReSharper Command Line Tools are available as well.
  • Download dotCover 2.6 Beta which integrates with ReSharper 8.1 Beta, works in Visual Studio 2013 and features an Extension Manager previously introduced in ReSharper 8.0.
  • Download dotTrace Performance 5.5.3 which enables profiling unit tests with ReSharper 8.1 Beta.

We’re looking to provide RTM builds of all of these tools in a week or two from now. If you experience any critical issues while using the Betas, please let us know here in comments or post bug reports to issue trackers for ReSharper, dotTrace and dotCover.

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