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Videos from JetBrains .NET Tools Evening in Prague

The video recordings from our JetBrains .NET Tools Evening in Prague are now available for your viewing pleasure. The December 18th event was a great success and we are already considering future cities.

We would like to thank Dmitri Nesteruk for his sessions, our Prague team for coordinating the event, and of course all of our attendees who took their time to join us. Stay tuned for upcoming events at a location near you and in the meantime enjoy these photographs and the videos in our playlist below.

This YouTube playlist includes:

An Introduction to JetBrains .NET Tools Evening in Prague
Dmitri Nesteruk gives a quick introduction to JetBrains .NET Tools Evening in Prague on December 18, 2013

Session 1: What’s New in ReSharper 8.1
In this talk, we’ll take a look at the new features of ReSharper 8.1. We’ll discuss the support for new technologies, new tools, refactorings, inspections and other goodies that 8.1 gives to developers.

Session 2: How ReSharper Improves Visual Studio 2013
With the release of Visual Studio 2013, some of you might be left wondering: is there anything that ReSharper has that VS2013 does not? Answering with a resounding YES, this session is all about the ways ReSharper enhances almost every aspect of Visual Studio as well as bringing entirely new features to the table.

Session 3: JetBrains and .NET (it’s not just R#)
It’s not just ReSharper that we’ve got in the .NET space! Whether you’re after code coverage, profiling or super-powered decompilation facilities, this talk will show you the tools we make to help you succeed in all these tasks.

Session 4: Domain Specific Languages and More
In this bonus session, Dmitri presents some of the more advanced programming concepts, talking about domain-specific languages, code generation, domain transformations as well as the ever-expanding horizons of the software development microcosm.

Stay tuned to this blog and @ReSharper for future events.

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