Introducing ReSharper 8.2 EAP

Yes, you read that right. We’ve just released the EAP version of 8.2, which replaces the previous 8.1.1 EAP.

We’ve been working hard on fixes and especially on improved TypeScript support, and we’ve decided that the number of new features should be a whole new version, and not just a maintenance release. We’ll publish a blog post soon taking a look at some of the changes.

As ever, with a new minor release, we’ve got some changes to APIs, which means existing plugins need to be updated. Plugin devs can find some guidance on our resharper-plugins Google Group.

You can download ReSharper, as well as the ReSharper Command Line Tools from the ReSharper 8.2 EAP page. Give it a go, let us know how you get on.

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23 Responses to Introducing ReSharper 8.2 EAP

  1. Brandon Schenz says:

    I was using the 8.1.1, and have upgraded to 8.2. So far so good, but it is telling me that I only have 2 days on the evaluation license. Is this normal?

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      For EAP builds, evaluation should normally reset to 30 days with each new build. It is possible that the build from 20th doesn’t reset evaluation though. There’s a newer build available now however, please try it instead and let me know if the evaluation counter doesn’t reset this time again.

      • Wesley Fang says:

        Neither 20th’s build nor 21st’s build resets evaluation time. Also try 8.1 release version which is not working as well. :(

        • Jura Gorohovsky says:

          Wesley, can you possibly try the following key?

          User Name: 82Trial
          License Key: 0-B+N9OLeRxoDEO0DPYzWuRwLADq4Xe9Zr
          Valid until: 03/26/2014 00:00:00

          Apologies for the inconvenience.

          • Wesley Fang says:

            Thank you Jura.
            It works now. I will post this in EAP forum as well.

          • Katty says:

            Good morning! Thank you very much for the posting of the license key for ReSharper 8.2 EAP. But unfortunately its expiration is finishing in several days. I’m just a beginning programmer and I would be very pleased if you could help me to find information about the license key for ReSharper 8.3 EAP.

            • Jura Gorohovsky says:

              We’re going to release 8.2 very soon and we currently have no plans to work on version 8.3. The next version we open EAP for will probably be 9.0.

              • Wesley Fang says:

                May I roughly know when the EAP 9.0 plans to start? I hope my license won’t expire before upgrading to 9.

  2. Aneesh says:


    I have tried this today(20th feb 2014) and getting a licence expired dialog as VS 2012 opens up. How could I use the Resharper EAP program without been able to run it?

    ps:- We are evaluating tools to buy


    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      Hi Aneesh,

      I’m not sure which build you were trying to run but it’s possible that the build was out of date.

      If you’re evaluating ReSharper before deciding whether to buy, I suggest that you use the stable version (8.1) available from ReSharper downloads.

      If however you prefer to try a pre-release build of 8.2 instead, for whichiever reason, please make sure to take the latest build: the one at the top of the list.


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  5. Richard Haber says:

    I have been using the Resharper-AngularJS extension for 8.1.x and notice that it is not compatible with the 8.2 EAP. Will this extension be updated anytime soon? It is most helpful for working with AngularJS and I miss it!

    • Matt Ellis says:

      Yes it will! I’m working on it right now. I’m trying to get a new feature finished and then I’ll push a new version (but if it takes too long, I’ll upload an 8.2 compatible build of the current version)

      • Koen says:

        Any time line on when the AngularJS extension will be compatible with resharper 8.2?


        • Matt Ellis says:

          Yes, it will be out this week. ReSharper’s extension manager will prompt you when it’s available.

          • PJ says:

            Hi Matt

            Any ETA on the AngularJS extension for 8.2? I have been looking in the extension manager but no cigar.


            • Matt Ellis says:

              Apologies for the delays. I’ve just pushed the update, and it’s on the extension gallery now. Go to the Extension Manager and check for updates (ReSharper -> Extension Manager).

              As a bonus, there’s a new feature – staged code completion. See the release notes for more info.

  6. yu mei says:

    Resharper 8.2 is slow comparing to 8.0. It usually take about 5 seconds to load my project, the time is doubled in 8.2.

  7. Tom Cooley says:

    When can we expect support for the MSpec Test Runner that was available in previous versions? Upgrading to 8.2 has really negatively impacted my ability to develop and continue running/building tests to verify my code.

    • Matt Ellis says:

      It’s already available!

      You can install a pre-release version of the 0.9.0 plugin from ReSharper’s extension manager – make sure you have “Include Prerelease” selected in the drop down. The 0.9.0 version is adding version independence – your project no longer requires you to reference the exact same version of mspec as the plugin was compiled with. You can now reference different versions, and the plugin will just work (although it’s a pre-release, so if you do encounter any bugs, please report them on their GitHub site)

      Alternatively, you can use the runner that’s bundled with the normal nuget package, as you will have done with previous releases. The 0.8.2 package includes an 8.2 compatible plugin (which I believe requires your project to reference the 0.8.2 version of mspec), and the 0.9.0 package includes the newer version independent plugin. Simply navigate to the packages folder, find the mspec folder and double click the “InstallReSharperRunner.8.2.bat” batch file in the tools folder.

    • Daria Dovzhikova says:

      Hello Tom,

      Compatible MSpec plugin is available as pre-release nuget package (, and it’s also available on the gallery. To be able to see it in the extension manager you’ll need to select “Include prerelease”.

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